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Aftercare: taking care of yourself afterwards

After an intense session, sometimes you need a good follow-up. Your partner may not be available for one reason or another. Here are some tips for taking care of yourself in the hours and days following a session when this is the case. I've already written about the symptoms of relapse in another articleYou can find references there if you don't know what it is. In a nutshell, it's a little depression or a feeling of loneliness, anxiety and sometimes shame that can occur after a session. The most important thing to know is that it usually passes fairly quickly, and you'll be back to normal within a few days at most.

Take care of your physical needs

Please note that I'm not a doctor, and that this is just common-sense advice drawn from years of personal experience. If you really don't feel well or have significant injuries after a session, go and see a doctor!

If you have any physical damage such as bruising, swelling, lacerations or the like, it needs to be attended to quickly to avoid any risk of infection. Many people like to see and keep marks from BDSM play days or even months after a session. If this isn't the case, you need to know how to treat the wounds so that they can heal as quickly as possible.

Ice cubes applied as soon as possible will help reduce bruising and swelling. Arnica is also useful for accelerating healing. Cuts can be cleaned with mild soap and antiseptic spray, and a bandage applied if necessary.

If the session was very intense, a little stretching and stretching would be good for the upper and lower body. A few simple yoga positions and deep breathing exercises can prevent soreness the next day.

A protein-rich meal after a session can improve recovery and the descent. Some people find comfort in sugar, so having a sweet in your pocket is always a good idea. I usually offer a glass of fruit juice after an intense session.

Entertain yourself

Make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and drink it slowly, concentrating on anything other than your negative thoughts.

You can also watch a funny movie to take your mind off things, listen to some of your favorite music or read a book. Try to find something light to get your brain laughing again. Keep a positive attitude until it's all over.  on!

A hot bath or shower can be soothing. Resting well after an intense session is important. If you feel tired, listen to your body and slow down a little. Self-massage is another way of taking care of yourself.

Some have a suitable blanket, warm socks or even a stuffed animal to snuggle up with after a session on the way down.

If you're the kind of person who likes to talk when you're not feeling well, call a friend, even if you don't want to talk about what's happened or why. A good friend can help change your mind.

Physical exercise can also help. Just getting out for a walk, getting some fresh air can do a world of good if morale is low.

Write about what happened

I always encourage my submissives to write after a session, I think it's a great way to get thoughts out and formalized. If you're not too into writing, you could make an audio recording answering questions such as:

  • Why do I have these thoughts?
  • What could make me feel better?
  • How can I avoid it in the future?
  • What do I need to cure this descent if it happens again?

Another advantage of doing this is that you can discuss it later with your partner to prepare for future sessions.

Final thoughts

The adrenalin and endorphins we love so much during the session can upset our brains and cause a violent landing. Take care of yourself, communicate with your partner and remember that you'll soon be yourself again.

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