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A note to clients

When I talk to my vanilla friends about my work as a Professional Dominatrix, they often assume that the people I see are all poor losers or, at the other end of the spectrum, high-level CEOs who need to escape the pressures of their jobs. Although this is sometimes the case, most of my clients tend to be somewhere in the middle. A large majority of the people I see are more or less your average Joe. They have conventional jobs, they go on vacation in August, they have families, they eat pizza on Tuesdays...

Often, when people send me applications, they say something like "I've got a belly" or "I'm a bit bald" or "I'm tall and awkward" as if it matters. I can't tell you how many times I've read "I don't look like the men in the photos on your website" and "I'm not particularly attractive". It breaks my heart every time because I find beauty in every body.

Of course, you don't look like the men on my site, because they're my models. I've chosen them specifically because they conform to society's idea of a good-looking person. Do I find them attractive? Yes, but that's more because of the connection we have than because of their looks.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are also those who contact me about their physical attributes on the assumption that because they are attractive, they will receive special treatment. This is even worse than the first group, as it perpetuates a certain sense of entitlement because their genetics conform to the norms of Western society. Even worse are those who start their presentation by saying "I'm Caucasian" or "of French origin". These subtly racist remarks make me shudder.

I consider myself a sapiosexual. That is, I'm much more attracted to a person's intelligence than their physical appearance. I have, for want of a better term, fallen in love with people who have physical characteristics that vary from one extreme to the other. I don't have a "type" apart from being respectful, wise, generous and honest (funny helps too).

The question to ask is not "Will Inanna think I'm too X, Y or Z?" but rather "Can I serve her in a way that will enrich her life"? Because, my dear submissives, that's what really turns me on.

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