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Subspace, subdrop and aftercare

If you've ever participated in BDSM scenes, you may have found yourself in a state of "subspace. This state can take many forms, but is often described as a hypnotic trance. It can range from a slight buzz to a much more intense, almost out-of-body experience. It's frequently compared to a pleasant high you might get from recreational drugs, an intense orgasm, or even a "runner's high".

This state of subspace can be achieved through physical or psychological stimulation. It can be achieved through pain play or when your Dominatrix orders you to perform a task. While your skin or mind is being stimulated, your body reacts by releasing endorphins and adrenaline, creating a "high". delicious euphoric state.

Sometimes all your Domina has to do is stroke your skin with her fingers, gently pull your hair or simply play with you online can trigger that rush. You forget your problems, you forget the pain, you forget everything except this session between you and your Domina. You let yourself go completely, and it's absolutely wonderful. That said, when you're in a subspace state, you're not always able to make sound decisions.

This is one of the many reasons why you and your Domina must setting limits before a session and stick to it. In this altered state, the submissive often wants to go a little further than he or she had agreed before the session. It's important that Domina respects these predetermined limits. We can always go further next time.

After this surge of hormones, you may experience the " subdrop "The submissive may feel moody, disconnected, irritable, lethargic, etc. The submissive may feel moody, disconnected, irritable, lethargic and so on. One of the signals of this depression is a drop in body temperature, which is why you'll sometimes see submissives wrapped in a blanket after an intense session. Subdrop" usually occurs right after a session, but can happen hours or even days later.

Depression usually resolves quickly, but aftercare can be extremely helpful. Taking a bath, listening to your favorite music, going for a brisk walk and getting a good night's sleep can all help. If your Domina is not available in the hours and days following a session, don't hesitate to contact your friends. The support of a circle of friends is always invaluable, even if it means simply connecting with others online.

Follow-up (or aftercare) is an integral part of any session, and can occasionally make the difference between a good session and a bad one. Being the Domina, protector and nurturer that I am, I always do a short debriefing with my submissives after a session. By quickly discussing the session, I can gauge your reactions and see if I sense there are going to be any big problems. Of course, not every session requires an in-depth follow-up, but a quick drink together is always a pleasure!

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