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Slate Magazine
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Slate Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Laure Dasinieres for Slate Magazine. Laure Dasinieres - Edited by Émile Vaizand - April 12, 2024 at 7:00 There's nothing unhealthy about sexual play. All you need to do is get informed, talk about it and give it a try, "with kindness and respect", as professional dominatrix Inanna Justice advises. There's no one kind of sexuality...

Latest testimonials

Une troisième séance

A third session

Here I am, longing for a 3ᵉ session with Inanna Justice. A dominatrix who knows how to respond to my desires and who always makes me want to go and discover more practice and sensations. For this 3-hour session, the longest of the 3, I wanted to discover certain practices that I too quickly explored during Inannapoly (the...

Une partie pleine de sensation

A game full of excitement

After a first session discovering BDSM and several practices, I wanted to try Madame Inanna Justice's game. Being a very playful person, this game attracted me. The fact of being able to discover multiple practices and ways of playing around BDSM interested me greatly. So I'm booking my game, knowing that...

Première séance pour Pi l’Irrationnel

First session for Pi l'Irrationnel

Here we are, I'm in front of the given address, it's 11.58 am, I'm waiting patiently and nervously for 12 o'clock sharp to be able to enter the building. A flight of stairs awaits me, I hadn't remembered Parisian floors being so rough, I'm out of breath, it's long, I'll keep Madame waiting, go up faster. Indeed...