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donjon bdsm Dominatrix Paris

A day of deprivation

Episode 2 It all started at the beginning of September, with a strange message from Madame, telling me: how about a bondage day at the end of October? I'd love to do another episode 2! I could hardly refuse such a wonderful invitation. What's more, sensory deprivation and bondage are...


A delicious interlude

Part 1 - The beginnings of a meeting First of all, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs Inanna Justice for accepting my application and kindly granting me the opportunity of a meeting, preceded by an online exchange to prepare it under the best possible auspices. This initial contact enabled me to appreciate the extent of...

Inanna Justice, dominatrice à Paris

No longer the same person

This testimonial is for beginners who want to take their first steps in this magical world of BDSM, I strongly advise you to live your first experience with Madame Inanna, that's what I did, and it was an extraordinary experience. When I finally decided to take the plunge into BDSM, I wanted to find a Dominatrix...