Dominatrice Paris


Dominatrice Paris

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InannaJustice - Domaintraice à Paris

Inanna Justice, Dominatrix in Paris

“The goal of a Dominatrix is to guide her submissive into a primitive realm, which can only be achieved by physical and mental endurance. It’s my responsibility to lead a sacred dance, one that can only be executed with motivated and motivating submissives.”

My style ranges from joyful to severe, depending on my mood. Whether I am wearing silk or leather, in a café or in my dungeon, I am always dominant. 

I give each submissive all of my energy during the time we are together in order to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Dominatrice Paris

BDSM practices

Discover my favorite practices, as well as some of my preferred role play scenarios. 

We are limited only by our imagination.

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Articles & Testimonials

Read about my BDSM beliefs and find out what makes me tick. 

You can also read about the experiences of some of my submissives on the testimonials page.

Testimonials (mostly in French)

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