IMG 0788 La note de remerciement

The thank-you note

Most of you fantasize for weeks, even months, leading up to a BDSM session. We exchange e-mails, talk on the phone or make a video call, you watch my videos and read articles on my blog... but after our session, I haven't heard from you. Saying thank you should be a matter of course for every submissive, shouldn't it? Unfortunately, it's not always the case.

You might think that a little thank-you note might not mean much to me after a session, but that's not true. Maybe you think I have so many submissives that I won't notice if you write one or not. Maybe I'm not the only one Domina you see. Maybe you don't particularly like writing. Here are a few reasons why you should consider writing one if you don't already understand the importance of doing so.

This lets me know how you feel after a session.

A quick note helps me to better understand how you handle these moments after our intense session. Depending on the tone of your thank-you note, I can often tell if you're in a state of subdropIf you're in a state of energetic euphoria, if you're feeling grateful, if you're a little jaded... If I think you're in a subdrop situation, I can make recommendations to help you feel a little better.

A word of thanks underlines the chemistry we have together. Sometimes, we're both caught up in the moment of a session and everything just clicks. A reminder of this is always a huge plus when I decide whether we can pursue a longer relationship.

This helps me prepare for our next session

This is your chance to tell me what you particularly appreciated about our session, what you didn't like so much, and what left you indifferent. What surprised you? What did you not expect, but enjoyed? Maybe there's something you really wanted to try, but didn't quite like in the end. All this information is extremely valuable to me!

If we've decided to continue playing together, a few quick lines about what you want to explore further can help me tailor our next session so that we both have as much fun as possible.

If it's been a long time since we last met, I always check to see if you've taken the time to write me a thank-you note. If you have, I'm much more likely to find time for you in my busy schedule. If you haven't... I won't make as much effort to find time for you.

It doesn't have to be long... but it can be.

Many of you have read some of the wonderful testimonials on my website. I very much appreciate someone writing a lengthy account detailing some of the things we've done together and, even better, the emotions it's stirred in you, but it's not necessary.

If you enjoy writing, send me a longer e-mail and I'll publish it on my website (with your permission, of course). It may help others to better understand my Domination style and know what to expect when they come to see me. Some people want our interactions to remain very private, and I will always respect that! I have dozens of testimonials that I'd love to share with all of you, but the authors would prefer that I keep them to myself. That's perfectly normal. I treasure them, and when I see these people, I think fondly of the moment when I received their post-session report.

It makes me happy

Every time I receive a thank-you noteit makes me smile. You always want to make me smile, don't you? My happiness should be a priority for you, and this is an easy way to do it.

I never ask for a word of thanks. I want you to do it because you know it will please me. As most of you know, I want you to come to me, to give me your best willingly, not because I oblige, but because I deserve it.

I hope this will encourage more of you to write to me after our session. It will be a sweet reminder of our time together, and a token of your gratitude, respect and admiration for me.

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