The basics of chastity

This article is limited to explaining male chastity as I have no experience of locking up a submissive. Although some of my submissives identify with another gender during our sessions, for convenience in writing, I will use the pronouns he / him.

As in all my articles, the subject will only be treated superficially, given the infinite possibilities it offers. Nevertheless, I hope it will arouse the curiosity and envy of those new to chastity. For those of you who like to be caged, I'll do my best to remind you why your little bird is caged. Let's have some fun!

Why chastity?

Chastity is when a consenting man deliberately renounces sexual pleasure with his penis. He may also abstain from anal pleasure.

Most chaste men use a chastity cage. The device comes in a variety of shapes and materials: metal, silicone and plastic are the most common. The cage is generally made up of two parts: a ring that fits around the scrotum, and a downward-curving tubular part into which the penis slides. The two parts are held together by a keyed padlock, or even a numbered, single-use padlock (which must be cut to open). Once in place, the cage prevents masturbation and, if properly fitted, makes erection impossible.

To calm the ardor of the most reckless among you, some models are even equipped with a spike inside the ring or tube that can make the onset of an erection very painful. Other, more exclusive models even feature a urethral plug: these are my favorites! Finally, to be exhaustive, some cages are equipped to be worn with a Prince Albert piercing or an anal plug: I'm telling you, the solutions for you chasers are infinite.

There are also chastity belts, but these seem to be falling into disuse as cages become more popular. While some people prefer to lock themselves up, others often entrust the key to their freedom to a Dominatrix (or a keeper of the keys often referred to as "key holder"). I provide key holding services for beginners as well as for the more experienced, offering varying lengths of abstinence. Please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail for further details.

But why would a man want his penis in a cage?

The reasons are numerous: they can be religious, moral or even to strengthen the ties uniting the family. submitted and its Dominatrix as proof of selflessness and full commitment to the D/s relationship. It's also a mark of belonging, like the necklace I'll tell you about another time. A caged penis is also a clear improvement in communication within the relationship - yes, it is! There are as many good reasons to be caged as there are people.

What are the advantages for the key holder?

It's a well-known fact that men can only think with one brain at a time. Let's encourage them to do it with the one between their ears, not between their legs! Men in cages, especially those who have been in them for a significant length of time, have a clear tendency to be attentive to women's well-being. When a submissive tells me he wants to be locked up for a long time, it shows incredible confidence in me.

Communication improves in the relationship when the man is chaste: the woman expresses her desires, sexual or otherwise, more readily. The caged man is generally more open to suggestions for new practices, under the comforter as elsewhere. His pleasure comes from the decision to be liberated or not, so he becomes more loyal and devoted to her pleasure.

Length of confinement?

Caging can last a few hours for a game or a lifetime. It all depends on your needs and desires. Some of my submissives lock themselves in a few days before our session. I then decide during our time together whether he's allowed to cum. Other submissives arrive free and are only locked up for the duration of the play. Some may even have been locked up for ages, even before we met. As in any respectable D/s relationshipIf you're going to be locked up, you need to discuss your expectations beforehand: he may only want to be locked up for a few hours, while she may want to lock him up for good, or vice versa. The most important thing is to clearly express your wishes and limits. This is imperative if everyone is to benefit.

Is chastity a BDSM practice?

There is an element of control: the key. As soon as it is handed over to her partner, a bond of subordination is created without the crack of a whip. Many vanilla couples practice chastity. Once again, this can strengthen the couple's bond, making the man attentive to his partner, in all aspects of life: everyday as well as sexual. You see? Chastity really is good for all men!

That being said, chastity is very common in BDSM, with many Mistresses demand total control of their sexuality from their submissive: the caging is permanent. At the very least, they like to be caged for several days before a session. Personally, I like it when my submissives are chaste in the week leading up to our meeting. I know they're going to be thinking about me all the time leading up to that moment, and I find that very exciting.

chasteté cage
A silicone chastity cage with padlock.

Other benefits & recommendations

Chastity is an excellent option in a D/s relationshipEspecially if you can't see your dominatrix very often. There are models that allow release at a time chosen by her before a return to the cage. Keeping a partner under lock and key allows you to play games that would otherwise be impossible: a system of rewards and punishments can be set up. So, would you rather be free or locked up? Let me know! Embarking on the practice of chastity is not a trivial event. If you're curious to explore this practice, alone or with a partner, I recommend you try abstaining from sexual pleasure for a few days, without a cage. Was it difficult? Be honest with yourself and your partner. This will avoid the discouragement of a fledgling practice and goals that are too ambitious for a beginner. This recommendation applies to ALL BDSM practices in general. No pun intended: communication is the key (to your chastity cage...).

If you're a beginner: start by wearing a cage for a few hours at home, with the key nearby and in a safe place. If you have to go to the emergency room to have it removed, imagine the humiliation... and not the pain! the kind of humiliation we love ! Gradually increase the length of time you keep it on, with progressiveness and perseverance being the watchwords. Then try wearing her overnight. Be prepared for her to be agitated. Don't do it the night before an important meeting with your boss. With time and experience, it gets easier.

There are many cages on the market, so choosing the right one is imperative, especially if you want to be confined for a long time. Make sure it's made of a material that's safe for you (stainless/surgical steel, quality plastic, silicone). Even if you plan to wear the cage for a limited time, please don't buy from Amazon, Wish or Ali Express. Pay the price for your comfort, health and safety.

As for the choice of key holder, if it's not me, be very careful and selective when you decide to entrust your keys. There are a lot of scams on the Internet. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just as you would choose a Domina to play for real, do your research thoroughly: check all the usual points: does she have a website, is she present on social networks... Do you appreciate her style of domination (distant and cold, warm and caring, strict and perceptive) These are all elements to consider when choosing the right person.

The essential thing: Have fun with chastity ! This can lead to wonderful things, whether you're alone or with your partner.

Total frustration!

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