4 scaled 1 Train, avion et voiture : le sexe en voyage

Train, plane and car: sex on the move

I'm currently sitting in the back of a minivan with some naughty friends, enjoying a welcome escape from Paris after this second confinement.

Here are the demographics of our little group: two sex workers, two erotic photographers, four of us are pan- or bi-sexual, most of us polyamourists, and all of us are active in the Parisian "sexo-community", presidents of associations or event organizers, all working to promote healthy and safe sexuality for all.

Needless to say, our conversations revolve around sex, sex and...sex!
Okay, there are a few variations: we also talk about sexual orientation, BDSM, the policies and rules that affect us as sexually liberated individuals... Yes, when I'm with close friends, we talk a lot about sex!

This isn't the first time I've traveled with some of them, and it doesn't take long for us to reminisce about our previous road-trips;

My friend Daniel recounts a trip we'd taken a few years earlier: no sooner had we left the capital than I was already pulling sex toys out of my bag and deciding to use them on myself and my fellow travelers.

On another occasion, again with Daniel, we'd concluded that it would be interesting for the girls in the car to show off by overtaking the heavyweights along the way to a BDSM weekend (yes, we've mastered the art of the warm-up). I can't remember how many drivers we showed our tits to, but they showed their satisfaction by smiling and honking their horns!

Ines tells us about the time Sofiane started fingering her during a flight to Italy, in the cabin, using the menu to hide his hands as they slid under her dress. A steward came up to them to ask what they wanted to order. I can only imagine sweet Ines caught in the act, starting to blush, and begging to reluctantly stop that pervert Sofiane who continued to caress her.

During a trip to Japan, Patrice's girlfriend surprised him by melting on him as he fiddled with his camera, adjusting it minutes before landing. He said he was so astonished that he let her do it for a few minutes before realizing it could have serious repercussions.

Of course, I've got plenty of juicy anecdotes of my own. Like the time my friend and I were thrown off a train at the next stop because I was giving him a blowjob in the (admittedly empty, but CCTV had probably given us away) carriage. On another train journey, a rather playful young man offered me a cup of coffee and we ended up in the toilet. I warmed up to a pretty brunette on a boat. I masturbated countless times on planes, and it's hard to say how many times I gave in to my instincts on the freeway!

So why are we so attracted to sex on the move? Is it because of our hyperactive lifestyles, our propensity to never slow down, that having sex in vehicles is so popular? Is it because many of us are turned on by the prospect of being caught in the act? Is it the movement of vehicles and the induced vibrations that stimulate our intimacy and arouse our libido?

Who knows? But don't be surprised if one day on a plane you see me coming out of the bathroom with my hair in a mess, my eyes shining and a little grin of satisfaction at the corner of my lips.

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