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The best orgasms

Let's face it: people come to me to satisfy their sexual needs. Generally speaking, this means they want to have an orgasm during our encounter. Although my practices exclude traditional sexual services, there is often some form of sexual stimulation during sessions, such as JOI (jerk off instructions, i.e. directed masturbation) and/or IEC (cum eating instructions, i.e. an obligation to drink one's own sperm).

This helps maintain a dynamic D/s ratio while satisfying my partner's "need" to cum. I have no qualms about this (and really enjoy watching him swallow his own juices), but I think there's another kind of orgasm that's often overlooked: the one between the ears.

Sexual satisfaction isn't just about orgasm: it's also about a matter of abandonment and relationship with his partner. Visit BDSM sessions illustrates this perfectly, even if you've only come to spend an hour or two with a professional Dominatrix. A certain degree of trust has already been established between the two of you (assuming you've taken my advice...). previous to book a session and she accepted) and you discussed together your expectations and what you wanted to explore during the session.

It's already a much better way of communicating than that found in many "vanilla" relationships. It's how you can let yourself go, and it's how you can reach that special place in your life. subspace magic.

Lately, I've had the pleasure of receiving more and more email applications that specify that the person does not wish to cum during the session and that sone pleasure would come in other waysThis can be achieved by obedience, suffering, fetishism or role-playing.

These people tend to become my favorite customers They're the ones who understand that what we're doing in a session goes deeper than a simple orgasm. It's through these particular practices that they achieve a stronger fulfillment than they could with what's between their legs.

Arriving at a session without expecting to have an orgasm also helps to reduce pressureespecially if you're new to the world of BDSM. There's incredible pressure today to achieve sexual performance, especially for men.

With a Professional DominatrixThere's no need to worry about that. We don't care if you come, get hard or wet. All we want is for you to have an amazing orgasm that you'll remember for a long time, and in my opinion, the best ones happen in the head, not in the kidneys.


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