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My favorite customers

People often comment on the photos I post on Twitter with phrases like "What a lucky submissive!" or "I'd do anything to be in that guy's shoes". 

Today, I'd like to break down this phenomenon for you, and tell you how to become one of my favorite customers. It's probably a lot simpler than you might think;

First of all, I'd like to say that there are no "lucky submissives". Those who have made it into my herd have been dedicated, motivated, loyal, generous and, above all, patient. You can imagine how much I'm in demand as a professional dominatrix, and how many people want to start a long-term relationship with me.

Would you like to be one of the lucky few I write to or call when I have free time? Want to stand out from the crowd? Here are a few hints about things to avoid, and things that will get you noticed in a positive way.

First contact

When you contact me for the first time, it's a good idea to browse my website carefully. Refer to things that stood out for you. Show me that you invested time in your research before coming to me. I like to say that I'm not a "fast-food dominatrix", which is why I don't want junk-food submissives!

Fill in my questionnaire accurately and diligently. I've worked hard to design it so that it can guide even the most novice of submissives. It's not very long, but I need honest and complete answers so that I can create and run a great experience for you and me. 

Above all, take care of yourself

Many submissives neglect their own needs, thinking they're doing their dominatrix a favor. This is a mistake! In order to serve me better, you must first take into account your own needs: cerebral, physical and emotional. By taking this time for yourself, you'll become stronger, wiser and able to contribute positively to my life. 

Of course, I expect sacrifices from you, but I think that's what I'm doing too, in a safe and healthy way. I sincerely want you to rise to be the best...for me!

Regular communication, but limits to be respected

I love it when you tell me what you think of me by e-mail or sms, but sometimes it's too much. Keep in mind that I have as many friends in the US as in France who contact me, that I receive professional emails to schedule photo sessions or shoots, that I post on social networks... These things alone represent a lot of time spent in front of my screen! Add to that 20 people who regularly send me messages just to find out "how I'm doing"...

As a rule, I'm pretty good at replying quickly to e-mails and text messages, but it can take more than 5 minutes, or more than 5 hours. Apart from you, my charming little creatures, I also have a very rich social life. Even my best friends sometimes don't hear from me for days, but they understand that I'm very busy, and when I don't reply immediately, they don't take it personally.

I hate the phone, so asking for a call is tiring for me. Even my best friend only spends 10 minutes a month on the phone with me. If I want to talk on the phone, I'll let you know. You should know that I have the memory of a goldfish, I often forget what was said during a call: that's another reason not to ask me for a phone conversation. If it's about the details of a session, please send me an e-mail! It's not that I don't listen, it's just that I forget what I don't have in front of me. 

I'm very present on social networks, so if you want to see my latest adventures and what's exciting in my life, Twitter is the way to go. Plus, you can see the delicious things I eat, the interesting projects I'm working on, and much more.

Promote me

It's easy to get noticed by sharing my content on social networks. Increasing the number of followers can not only bring me potential new customers, but even better: it can help me to be recognized by my fellow Dominatrices internationally and thus be invited to events. As many of you know, I organize many events in Paris, and the more you spread the word, the more motivated I am to continue hosting and organizing such gatherings. 

There are forums where you can post reviews of your favorite Dominatrices and/or escorts. If you are a member of such a community, good feedback can do wonders for me. Feel free to write a nice word about me on these forums. 

Share your talents

Do you have any skills I could use? A few years ago, a submissive redesigned my website, and still helps me keep it up to date. Another builds custom equipment for my dungeon. Another recently offered me a photo shoot. Still others help me by translating my articles. Some offer me their works of art. All these people contribute positively to my life without spending a cent. 

Whether you're a doctor, a lawyer, a chef, a computer specialist, a plumber, or just like to spend your time in bookshops, your help could be invaluable to me at one time or another. 

What talents do you have that could be useful to me? Is there anything you could do for me to free up my time? I'm sure that many of you could improve my well-being without spending money on sessions, it's just a question of creativity, and the ability to ask me if you can help.

Respect my time

I'm my own boss, which means that every minute that passes is an opportunity for me to earn money. Please be punctual for your appointment with me, as you would be with any other professional. If you're running late, let me know. If something unexpected happens, it's better to let me know sooner rather than later.

As you know, we always have a drink together after our session. It's the perfect time for a chat. It's always a pleasure for me to spend these moments with each of you, each of your fabulous personalities, but please don't abuse the privilege. 

Most Dominatrices don't offer this time without charging, but that's not my style. That said, you should know that I may have a dinner scheduled, an exhibition to see, a project I'd like to work on, or simply need time to rest after our fun playtime together. Please don't abuse my hospitality. 

Gifts don't pay the bills

I love it when you bring me gifts, especially when they're delicacies (savory more than sweet)! But do you know what's even better than a nice bottle of olive oil? Not having to stress about paying my bills.

I know a young submissive who sends me €5 a week. Admittedly, on the scale of a budget, this may seem derisory, but it also shows how much he appreciates me. You don't have to go to extremes to show your support. These weekly or monthly contributions make the difference between a customer I enjoy playing with and another who will enter my list of favorites.

Encouraging a Dominatrix means supporting her even when no session is possible by contributing financially, to thank her for all the work she puts in.

If you're not comfortable with money, offer me a pleasant moment rather than yet another pair of pumps. Let me go to the spa for a massage, treat me to dinner in a nice restaurant, tickets to the theater. Memories like these will stay with me for the rest of my life, but those pumps may be sleeping in my closet, suffering from my indifference most of the time. 

Don't feel abandoned

Seeing a Dominatrix involved in all sorts of exciting projects makes her quite a charming person, doesn't it? Well, it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to run these projects, so for most of us, being active in the BDSM community is a priority (both for personal and professional reasons).

This means that we might choose to go to a party surrounded by friends rather than spend the evening with you. This is difficult for many submissives to understand, and can create a feeling of jealousy or abandonment. We don't want that. Perhaps we could even take the opportunity to talk about you (in a positive way) while we're out.

Don't disappear

If we have a long-term relationship, even if it means seeing each other only a few times a year, please don't disappear. I think of you regularly with great affection, and become seriously worried when I'm left without news.

I understand that things can change. Maybe you've found another Dominatrix, maybe you have family problems, simply moved away or no longer want to be part of the BDSM universe? It's all perfectly understandable and I'd never take it personally! On the other hand, being ignored without explanation is painful, even for a woman of my stature. 

If your life changes, let me know. Write me a little e-mail saying that you've moved on, but that you enjoyed your time together. I'll treasure you in my heart, and if you decide to rebuild a relationship with me, I'll probably be happy to accept. 

The last word

Becoming one of my favorite clients isn't about the practices you enjoy or the regularity of your visits. No, it's about your devotion, your dedication to helping me pursue a rich, satisfying life. Take care of yourself, use common sense, be available, be respectful, and maybe you'll join my list of "favorite clients".

Be careful, take care of yourself, and stay naughty.

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