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Dungeons for rent in France (and my tips)

People often ask me if I rent out my beautiful Justice RoomBut for the moment, it's not something I'm proposing. So I've created a small map and a list of dungeons in France that are available if you want to spend some time with your friend.

I haven't yet had the chance to visit most of these dungeons, and I only know most of the Dungeon Masters/Mistresses through social networks. Likewise, I can't comment on the quality of the facilities and equipment, cleanliness/hygiene, rental rates or rules specific to each dungeon. I invite you to contact the hosts directly using the links provided. You may, however, mention that you found this listing on my website. I don't make money from referrals, but I know I always appreciate where my customers come from.

For the sake of discretion, the exact location of these dungeons remains private until the reservation is made. I have indicated the neighboring towns to protect the privacy of hosts and guests.

Make sure you do your research, just like when you book an Airbnb. Which equipment is essential and which is less important to you? How far are you willing to travel to find a dungeon that meets your needs? Is a shower available? Is it possible to stay overnight? Is penetrative sex allowed (including sexual intercourse)? pegging) ? How many people will be joining you, and is the dungeon suitable for groups? Does the host allow photos/videos? There's a lot to consider, so take your time!

Be respectful of space and equipment. Be discreet when arriving and leaving. Don't shout or scream (well, a little goes a long way 😈 ). Leave the place in good condition. Treat it with the respect it deserves!

Here are a few things you should consider when booking a dungeon:

Guarantee deposits

Be prepared to pay a deposit, which is generally non-refundable. Your host will block time on the schedule, which means he won't be able to use it for himself. It's also likely that he'll be planning a deep clean before and after. You should also be prepared to pay a security deposit.

You may think that hourly rates are high, but consider the time, effort and energy that goes into building a dungeon. Just like the cost of a professional DominatriceThere's a lot you don't take into account when booking.


Generally speaking, all the furniture on site is at your disposal: St. Andrew's crosses, spanking benches, bondage tables, etc. Most of the time, you'll need to bring your own impact and insertable toys (dildos, plugs, etc.).


Most dungeons take care of most of the cleaning before and after your stay, but as these are spaces used by several people, I recommend a quick wipe down before and after each use. But then, I'm a neat freak!

Leave the place as clean as possible! I can't stress this enough. Be respectful of these dungeons and their guests. They're letting you into their private space, and you need to treat it like a temple.

Basic cleaning supplies are usually provided (antibacterial spray and wipes, toy cleaner, paper towels, hand sanitizer...). It's never a bad idea to travel with quality wipes. I love this brand.

Bring your own gloves and condoms (internal and external) to make sure you get the size and type you like. Most places provide these things, but if you have latex allergies, large insertable toys, very small/very large hands, they may not be right for you.

First aid

In my opinion, EVERYONE involved in BDSM activities should have a first aid certificate (minimum PCS1), whether they are tops or bottoms. It's a quick course that can help you prepare for emergencies, both inside and outside the dungeon.

Bring all necessary medications: asthma inhalers, insulin, etc.

I always travel with a small first-aid kit. Most dungeons have a good one on hand, but then again, it never hurts to have your own supplies.


Bring a snack or juice. Low blood sugar is no fun and can make you cranky. It's always good to have something on hand in case you're feeling a bit down. Dried fruit and energy bars are good snacks. They're easy to carry and don't take up much space. Most dungeons have water, but bring a few bottles if you're not sure.

Don't forget to bring lubricant for toys and sex. There are individual sachets suitable for travel, or simply buy a bottle to keep in your travel bag. You can never have too much lubricant!

Bring your own fetish clothes. As far as I know, no dungeon provides guests with fetish clothing. You can imagine the wardrobe and the cost of managing those clothes! There are usually separate changing rooms so you can keep your submissive waiting patiently while you dress in your finest fetish clothes.

Final remark

Just like when you book a vacation, there are many things to consider. Take your time, visit the various websites and make an informed decision. 

Have fun, be respectful and stay kinky! 


  • Condoms (internal and external) 
  • Disposable nitrile or latex gloves
  • Lubricant
  • Impact toys (whips, swifts, riding crops, paddles, etc.) 
  • Insertable toys (dildos, probes, plugs, etc.)
  • Pointed toys (Wartenberg wheel, needles, knives, etc.)
  • Snacks/fruit juice 
  • Water bottle 
  • First aid kit 
  • Medicines 

And finally, here's the list of dungeons available in France. I'll add to it as I go along. Would you like your space to be listed? Send me a message via my website and it will be a pleasure to include it.

Again, the location I'm giving isn't the town where the dungeon is, but it gives you a good idea.

List of Dungeons in France

Le Donjon de Lisarchie Thionville

The House of Sighs Montpon-Ménestérol

L'antre des supplices Pont-du-Cheruy

The Den of Vices Valence

Horion's shadow Metz

Pandora's abode Macon

Eros Estate Le Faou

Le Privé 34 (private libertine club equipped with BDSM) Frontignan Wisches-Hersbach  [email protected]  Aix-en-Provence

L'atelier des deux L Coulommiers

In Belgium

La Porte d'O Jodoigne

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