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Why kidnappings?

What is it that makes getting kidnap so exciting? Why are so many people attracted to the idea of being thrown in the trunk a car, gaggeda scarf tied over her eyes, then rkept in a secret location to be tortured?

Part of what makes the game BDSM so exciting is the unknown. Even though I ask for certain information before organizing a session (whether it's a kidnapping or something else), the main thing is that you give me complete control your safety for a while. A removal takes this control to an even higher level. Even if you know the day or week I'm going to catch you, you have little or no other information: will I be alone or accompanied? Where will we go? How long will the torture last? What if something goes wrong? Will I be safe, or is the person kidnapping me really a bit crazy?

Another aspect of the kidnapping fantasy is adrenaline. It's the same reason we go to horror movies, motorcycle races, ride roller coasters and engage in all those activities that scare us. We're looking for the adrenalin rush, and kidnapping is the ultimate experience in this respect.

As in other BDSM games, the fantasy of kidnapping also includes the idea of escaping the daily grind. You lose control: your captor makes all the decisions. There's something wonderfully liberating about giving someone else complete control of the situation. You don't need to think, just be a good boy or girl and to obey orders. Isn't it a kind of escape?

The kidnapping fantasy is one of my favorite sessions to organize. It's a bit like writing a play. There are so many details to think about, and I love to consider all the possibilities long before the actual events unfold. As for many of you, for me tooanticipating a session is sometimes almost as good as actually experiencing it.. Although it requires a lot more organization and planning than a classic BDSM session, the pleasure of watching you struggle in captivity is absolutely worth it.

*as with all my sessions, I'm following strict consent rules. Please read my blog posts on this subject.


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