Tips from a Dominatrix: during and after a BDSM session

Every professional dominatrix has her inclinations. Here are a few things you can do during our session to show your respect and admiration. These are just my tips. If you're with another woman, ask her if she has any preferences. 

When you're invited into my space, you should behave as if you were visiting the Queen of England. Remember to ask questions instead of making statements. Ask if you can sit down before you do so. Ask to wash your hands (actually I'll ask you when you arrive, but you might get the idea first). Ask permission to breathe. I'd rather you ask than make assumptions that might upset me.

We'll have a little informal chat, but that doesn't make me your best friend all of a sudden. Feel free to ask questions, but nothing too personal. Remember that I have a life outside this time together, about which I prefer not to give details. This discussion is mainly so that I can get to know you and check out highlights of our previous discussions. We are going to review my " safe words "(security words to exit the game) and any important last-minute information. Pay attention. If I catch you staring at the art hanging on the walls, I won't be happy.

Be obedient. Good boys and girls are rewarded. Bad ones are punished, and not in the way you'd like.

Contact me. If for any reason something goes wrong, I count on you to talk about it. Do your hands start to tingle when you're tied up? Let me know. Do you have a sudden urge to go to the bathroom? Let me know. Unwanted pain? Let me know. Don't be embarrassed to talk to me. Use the " safe words "When necessary, they're there for a reason.

I'm not a fan of the title "Mistress" and prefer it to "Mistress". Ms. ". I'll know immediately that you've followed me enough if you address me in this way. It's an excellent sign of your degree of preparation.

I'm very tactile and love to touch my submissives, but that doesn't give you the right to touch me. If I wish, I'll guide you. You don't have permission, not even to kiss my foot without my permission. If I wish, I'm a big girl and I'll tell you.

Towards the end of our meeting, we'll do a quick debrief. This will give you a few minutes to get back to reality, and allow me to assess whether I think you're experiencing a subdropto give you some tips on how to deal with it. As you've gathered from my other articles, I take your safety seriously, including your mental well-being.

Send me a word of thanksor better, a testimonial about the session. It doesn't have to be long (and as mentioned before, unless you're paying me to read, don't write a novel). For those who need time, take notes immediately after the session, and come back to them after a few days. Sometimes a practice we didn't love at the time becomes very exciting when we look back on it later. If there are things you particularly enjoyed, please let me know. I also understand and want to know what you liked less. This will help us for future sessions.

This may help you the next time you make an appointment with a Dominatrix, whether it's me or another beautiful Goddess.

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