A few tips for beginners

I am frequently contacted by beginners who have finally decided to take the plunge, to have a real experience. first real BDSM experience with a professional Dominatrix. It's always a thrill to be able to accompany someone on their journey. path of discovery of this magical world. We always remember our first times: the first time we rode a bike, the first kiss, the first vacation alone .... These are moments we all cherish, and your first encounter with a Dominatrix will be just as unforgettable. That said, these same people don't always know the best way to contact a professional Dominatrix. Here's for those of you who want to start your journey.

Do some research

I can't stress this enough. Take the time to choose someone whose practices match what you're looking for. Is she always dressed in fancy clothes when you're looking for a session of latex fetish ? It won't work. Are you looking for games medical ? Make sure it's a service it offers. Do you want to be kidnapped ? If it's not mentioned on her website, it's probably not something she likes or knows how to do. Follow Dominatrices on Twitter, Instagram and Fetlife (but only contact us if it's mentioned in our profile!). Check out as many Dominatrix sites as you can. You can already get a good idea from what people post on the Internet.

Follow his booking process from A to Z.

If she prefers messaging, don't call her, even if her phone number is available. If she has a contact form, fill it in. If she asks for a deposit, pay it (provided you've confirmed through your research that her reputation as a professional dominatrix is beyond reproach). If she offers a questionnaire, take the time to fill it in carefully and simply. We put these steps in place for good reason. Following these rules is the first sign of respect for your Dominatrix.

We respect your time, respect ours.

Most of us are happy to exchange e-mails, text messages or short phone calls to plan a session, but don't forget that you're not the only person we're in contact with. Rather than bombarding us with little e-mails, take the time to write a longer one (without, of course, turning it into a novel, unless you're prepared to pay us to read it) with all the questions you might have. Don't panic if you don't get an answer within a few hours, it sometimes takes me a few days to get back to you, but I promise I won't forget you!

Don't be satisfied with photos and don't make your choice simply on the basis of good looks..

The Dominatrix you find sexiest in the photos isn't necessarily the one that's right for you. Of course, appearance is important to many, but it's not everything. Trust me, in the long run, you'll be much happier with someone who meets your expectations, and she'll become that beautiful Goddess over time, regardless of her outward appearance. Also, for security reasons, many of us don't show our faces, so you might be pleasantly surprised.

Don't bargain, bargaining is unacceptable.

I'm not just referring to your offerings, but also to the practices and clearly defined limits. If the Dominatrix doesn't offer sexual services, simply don't ask. categorical no . Most of us have listed our preferences clearly on our website. And don't forget that even professional Dominatrices have a life outside the dungeon. We want to dine with friends, go to the theater, go on vacation. If we have specified times, please be aware of them (or be prepared to pay the price for a session outside these times).

You can count on our discretion.

You've come to explore your innermost desires, and they certainly won't surprise us. Don't be shy, but be polite and modest when you tell us what you want to experience.

Don't give us a to-do list.

We appreciate your ideas, but let us guide you - that's why you're here in the first place! Sometimes I get very detailed requests of all the expectations submissives have for their first time. It's not only unrealistic, it's unreasonable - part of the fun is having fun! let our creativity flow.

We take your level of experience into account when preparing a session..

While the idea of extreme genital torture or prolonged restraint can be exciting, it's a fact that beginners are not prepared for it. Trust our expertise, we can always lead you to these areas later. One of the pleasures of BDSM is the opportunity to evolve and progress. If we take inventory from A to Z in our first session, what's left for the future?

Take a deep breath!

I understand this can be a scary step. Have a cup of tea, take a few deep breaths. I promise you that most of us are patient and attentive if you respect our protocol. Don't stress (too much), the goal is for you and me to have a good time together.

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