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New year, new games

It's the beginning of the year and time for me to set out my intentions for 2023. One of my goals is to focus on longer, more intimate sessions. While I love my more traditional BDSM sessions of about two hours and focused on different games, I feel the need to devote more time to you, to establish more intense connections and to take you into an even deeper subspace.

I now offer several low-cost options, so you can create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Dinner and Domination 

As you know, I love to eat. What better way to combine two of my passions than over dinner followed by games in the Justice Room ? Or would we prefer it the other way round? A moment of rigorous play, then a good restaurant to nourish our bodies after our minds. 

Do you dream of succumbing to the desires of a duo of deviant ladies over dinner? With my dear friend Mrs Lulewe'll make you our toy! 

Prefer to do it in daylight? Lunch is also available. 

Allow around four hours for this experience. 

nouvelle année nouveaux jeux 2023

Bondage only 

For bondage aficionados, I offer a long session focused solely on sensory deprivation. As you know, my Justice Room is well equipped to keep you tied up, tied down and with no means of escape for hours (or days). Let yourself be carried away and lose track of time in my world!

Allow 6 hours of restraint.

première fois

One afternoon at my service

Would you like to learn how to better serve a Mistress? This tailor-made session will help you develop as a submissive, both through various practices and service-oriented tasks. 

It's a great choice if you're just starting out on your BDSM journey, or if, after years of experience, you're keen to fine-tune the details. 

Allow about 8 hours.

Full night in the dungeon 

Do you dream of being my toy for a whole night? We'll start with some intense play before I put you to bed... in the cage! In the morning, you'll serve me coffee, croissants or play impact games... depending on my mood. 

If every Goddess needs a good night's sleep, don't worry: at the end of our session, you'll be begging me to free you up to get some rest!

Intimate, this experience is for submissives I already know (at least one session). As there are tasks to be completed beforehand, please be prepared to devote some time in the days leading up to the session. 

We'll discuss how long this will take, depending on our schedules.


If you haven't already done so (or if you haven't done so recently), you need to fill in the following form my questionnaire and I'll contact you with details of the session we'll be creating.

Please note:

Because I love being at 100% with you, I'm limiting the number of such sessions per month. As you can imagine, they require a lot more organization than "classic" sessions, and force me to block entire days in my already busy schedule. 

Since the rates are lower than my standard hourly rate, deposits are mandatory and the cancellation/modification rules have been modified.

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