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Myths and legends of Dominatrixes

Dominatrix myths and legends: even Dominatrixes do their laundry!

There are some misconceptions about what it means to be a professional Dominatrix. People seem to think I live in an alternate reality where I don't have to stand in line at the post office when I need to ship a package. Some think I wake up dressed in leather and lace, hair perfectly coiffed, lipstick already on. Others imagine that we have men who do all the things we don't like to do. Believe it or not, your favorite goddess also puts her pants on one leg at a time.

We have slaves at our service 24/7

Most of us don't have slaves working for us full-time, yet there's no shortage of offers - quite the contrary. Having a service sub usually requires more time and energy than doing something yourself.

Sure, my loyal submissives may run an errand or two for me from time to time, but I'd much rather clean the toilets myself than have to spend time looking over someone's shoulder to make sure they're doing it according to my requirements. What's more, many domestic submissives intentionally make mistakes to attract possible punishment.

I have two live-in slaves: Jean-Phi (aka my dishwasher) and Jean-Henri (also known as: washing machine). Beyond that, I have no desire to have a full-time house slave.

We make a lot of money

While the hourly rate to meet a professional Dominatrix can reach several hundred euros per hour, this is not a job where you can do sessions for 35 per week. While most full-time professional Dominatrices spend well over 40 hours a week, most of this time is spent on communication, marketing, photo shoots, video editing, answering e-mails or perhaps writing articles.

Most of the women I know have a soft spot for 3 or 4 sessions a week. Above that number, it becomes physically and emotionally difficult, especially for those of us who put our heart and soul into our sessions!

As in any business, we also have fixed costs. Quality equipment and materials are often expensive. We often have to rent dungeon space, cleaning products, website hosting, advertising, photo shoots and many other hidden but very real costs.

We are Dominatrixes all the time, even in our private lives.

Even though we live this lifestyle 24/7, it doesn't mean we're always in session. There's a big difference between the way I am with the submissives who are part of my intimacy and the way I am with a client who only comes in for a few hours of play.

My game partners/They don't expect me to focus on the game all the time, even if I make it part of our routine. More importantly, they don't expect me to focus on the game all the time, even though I make it part of our routine.

When I've finished an intense, paid session, I don't necessarily want to tie up my partner and torture him. In fact, if I happen to do that, it's a very different dynamic from the relationship I have with clients of exclusively a few hours! With clients, I have to be 100% on my game, focused, on point, with my intimate play partners, I show up in jeans and a t-shirt, hair in a ponytail and no make-up.

We're always on our 31st

While many of us are in matriarchal Female Domination relationships, this isn't the case for all professional Dominatrices. Some of us are in vanilla relationships, some are asexual, some are polyamorous. Some of us only like to control our partners in a dungeon, and aspire to a different role in our daily lives.

We are individuals in our own right, and our relationships outside work reflect this. Don't assume that just because a woman has chosen to work as a Professional Dominatrix, that she enjoys the same power when she's not working.

We wouldn't do it if we weren't paid

Most professional dominatrixes love BDSM. We have and sometimes continue to practice it even though we don't get paid, but statistically not with you. That's not to sound (too) haughty, but it's the truth. Dominant women are highly sought-after. That's why some of us have turned it into a professional career.

Many of us started out "just for fun" and then one day the light went on and we realized that we were in such demand that we could charge for our special skills.

When a Dominatrix goes to a party, there are 20 boys lined up demanding attention. We have a wide variety of choices literally at our feet. Unless you look like Ryan Gosling and are a masochist, I probably won't pick you. Why not? Because he's probably already in the room and I'd rather pick him.

We don't like vanilla things

Generally speaking, Dominatrices have an exciting lifestyle that we live at 100 km/hour. We regularly attend events where perversion reigns. We organize elaborate sessions that could kill our partners if not executed correctly.

We thrive on adrenaline and excitement... but we also appreciate (and need) moments of relaxation. We enjoy those quiet moments at home by cooking a good meal, playing board games or simply watching on Netflix.

No day goes by without

We are human beings. Although we publicly show only our best sides: our strength and power, we also have days when we feel depressed. Some of us suffer from health problems.

Like everyone else, we also have personal and family problems. Many of us are juggling another job on top of this one. Sometimes we're tired or frustrated, lonely or sad. That doesn't make us weak, it just makes us human!

Don't forget that your favorite Dominatrix is a person. While she certainly deserves to be placed on a pedestal like all women, it's important to remember that a pedestal can be a very narrow platform.

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