My Dominatrix code of ethics

As a Domina As a professional, I have a certain responsibility to you. Here's a brief overview of some of the things I do to ensure more "professional" sessions. safe ". I'll come back to this in more detail in future articles.

  • I practice with caring and respect of the other.
  • There is always a " safe word "(safety word for exiting the game) for the sessions.
  • I'm doing everything in my power to prepare myself for the future. subdrop.
  • I'm sober.
  • My space is clean and clutter-free.
  • The materials are disinfected before and after each use.
  • I don't do practices I haven't been trained to do.
  • I respect your time and don't cancel sessions unless it's a truly exceptional circumstance.
  • I have basic training in first aid (PSC1) and supplies in case anything goes wrong.
  • I find out about your medical problems so that I can adapt my practices.

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