Edit 3 Pourquoi je ne fais pas la Domination en ligne (pour le moment)

Why I don't do Online Domination (yet)

Virtual Domination

I have a deep respect for Dominatrixes who practice online Domination, but it's not something I'd like to propose right now. I understand that many of you are not available for online actual sessions and it pains me to know that most would certainly excellent submissionsthat would serve me remarkably well. As in all fields, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, but there are certain reasons why I prefer them. actual sessions.

I'm not really versed in new technologies. Of course I know the basics, but filming and editing take time and expertise. Even simple photo editing is an art, and I don't have the patience to learn the subtleties. I prefer to dto devote my energy to other projectsand let the talented photographers I work with do what they do so well.

I don't show my face on social networks. I like to keep a certain degree of confidentiality, I'm too aware of the potential dangers of being recognized in the street. It's a pity for you all, because my eyes would bring you to your knees in a heartbeat.

It doesn't excite me as much as the actual sessions. I need to hear your faster breathing impatience. I want to feel your heart beat faster. I want to feel the smell of fear and emoi oozing from your pores. I want to feel your tongue on my bootsfeel the ropes sliding over your skin, see my cock in your mouth, and so many other things that online Domination doesn't allow.

For Dominatrixes who practice it, I congratulate you. Many are incredible artists. So far, so good, I prefer to listen to the sweet cries of my submissives directly under my feet.

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