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I was recently contacted by @Onmyknees4Her for for an interview. Visit the site to find out more!

*Thanks to soumis m for the translation.

Slave Smith: She's seductive and sensual, strict and cruel. A bifurcation of sensations and moods, today's featured Dominatrix is Parisian beauty Mistress Inanna Justice. It's a privilege to kneel before you Mistress, and thank you for allowing DA to share your story today!

Mistress Inanna Justice: Hello! What a lovely message.

Sub : Well, it's a pleasure to serve you in this way Mistress. Let me ask you to start by sharing a little about how you became a Dominatrix and when did you first realize the power you hold over others?

MIJ: According to my mother, I've always been bossy. As far back as I can remember, I've always been a natural leader. In my previous career, I worked in management. It's just natural for me to lead others.

I've always been very curious, especially in the boudoir. Some of my early sexual experiences had elements of BDSM, even though I didn't have the vocabulary back then. Binding my partners and spanking them was just part of my sexuality. I became a professional dominatrix by accident. Although I'd been on the scene for many years, it was only 2? years ago that I became a professional. I was chatting with a foot fetishist on a "kinky" dating site and we were having trouble finding a time to meet. One day, he wrote to ask if I was free. After answering in the affirmative, he asked me how much I was charging. I wasn't expecting that at all! I was just looking for some fun. He introduces himself, sucks my pretty toes for a while, and leaves an envelope on the table.

Sub : What a lucky boy he was! Besides having your revered feet, of course, what other fetishes and perversities do you like to explore during your sessions? Are there any strict limits that anyone requesting a session with you must be aware of, Mistress?

MIJ: I love impact games! Jacks, whips, canes and my beloved whips. I'm a very energetic person and that goes hand in hand with my profile. I'm also a total weirdo, I love to tickle, especially with subs who take themselves too seriously! Between my wickedly sweet smile and a few magic fingers, we're both in tears of laughter by the end of a session! Anything to do with penetration stimulates me a lot. Forcing my fingers into someone's mouth, my cock into their ass, a sound in their cock or needles through their skin excites me. Occupying the same physical space as someone else is a powerful thing.

I love role-playing of all kinds, and I have a few sections on my website dedicated to specific scenarios (kidnapping, sexologist, police, etc.), and I've recently done sessions that include: kinky real estate agent showing an apartment to an unsuspecting buyer, a romantic rendezvous gone wrong, a prison warden finding drugs in his jail... I was a child actor, so it probably stems from that. Lately, I've become increasingly interested in the dynamics of nursing and ABDL. The psychology around these practices intrigues me and I've been exploring it with some of my submissives recently.

As for my limits, at the moment it's scat, vomit and playing around with races. Poop and vomit don't turn me on, and humiliating someone based on their race is something I have an ethical problem with (but no judgement towards those who do it in a healthy way). But of course, boundaries, like favorite practices, are constantly evolving.

sub : With the current global situation, have you found yourself needing to engage in online / distance learning options with your submissives more than before? For those who can't come to Paris, kneel before you in person, what opportunities are there for them to worship and serve you, Mistress Inanna?

MIJ: I've thought about the idea of doing online work, but at the moment I'm concentrating my energy on other projects. I host monthly dinners for professional Dominatrices, as well as workshops on safety (first aid for Dominatrices, advanced medical play, self-defense, accounting...). I also do a column on Female Domination on a French radio show and recently started writing a small blog for my website. It all keeps me pretty busy! I'm a very tactile person, which is one of the reasons why I haven't gone into online Domination.

It's quite unfortunate for those who don't live in Europe (I travel quite a bit and go to see deserving submissives in some cases), but for the moment, I'm focusing my energy on developing a strong sisterhood within the Parisian Professional Dominatrix community. I felt this was really lacking, bringing women together and helping each other is very important to me. For those who would like to contribute to my well-being, I invite them to contact me directly for options. They can always make a donation in my name to a SW-positive association! Or support another wonderful woman in their area. If the money/energy stays in the community, even if it's on the other side of the world, I'm happy.

sub : It's wonderful to hear your views on supporting others and protecting the community, Mistress. Too often, competition gets in the way. Your profile mentions your work as a hostess for professional Dominatrix events in Paris. What can you share from these experiences and what projects do you have coming up?

MIJ: As I mentioned, I organize a monthly Dominatrix Dinner (Dîner des Dommes) and hold workshops on a number of topics to protect us and our submissives. Unfortunately, I've had to postpone a few workshops due to the current state of affairs, but as soon as things improve with the health crisis in France, I'll reschedule them. The "Dominas Dinners" give us time to connect, share stories, compare notes and just be in each other's company. I think it helps reduce that competitive aspect you mentioned (at least for those who attend!). I would also like to organize formal dinners in the near future. Last year, I co-hosted several "after work kinky" events and I'm going to get them going again as soon as possible. In the meantime, I play it safe.

sub : It's certainly the right choice right now. So many limitations on so many aspects of life we've enjoyed before. Let me ask you a hypothetical question... If you could choose one person in this world kneeling before you, eager to please, ready to obey your every command, when you return to normal sessions, who would you choose, and why?

MIJ: Actually, I've been practicing in IRL sessions since May, with extra safety measures in place (limited sessions, masks, cleaning procedures), so it doesn't really apply to me. I don't really have a dream client. Each person is so unique and wonderful that it's a matter of finding what makes them special. Maybe Donald Trump so I can put that bitch in his place!!!! I don't have a dream celebrity client. Maybe a comedian, someone really naive so I can throw out fun challenges and when he fails, we can laugh together, like Jim Carrey in the 90s with that super expressive face. I imagine him making wild expressions when I torture him.

entrevue Domme addicition

sub : You'll probably have to gag him at some point, I'm sure lol. Actually, that sentiment would apply to both. For those who kneel before you, is it always men who submit or do you also have submissive women? Are there women who recognize Mistress Inanna Justice's superiority and beg you to submit?

MIJ: I have female play partners, my best masochists in fact, but rarely submissive women. In my private life, I've found that there are very few submissive women (not counting the sissies/transvestites who generally only identify themselves during play). That's something different from the U.S., where I had more female partners. My clients are all men, but I'd like more women to contact me for sessions.

sub : Are there significant differences in the types of sessions, fetishes explored, etc. between the two?

MIJ: Do you mean between male and female partners? Or between masochists and submissives? Of course, there's a huge difference between masochists and submissives: the two don't necessarily go hand in hand. And as my female partners are generally not submissive, yes, there is a big difference between my male and female playmates. For example, I don't think any of my playmates consider themselves fetishists (unless it's to fill their own shoe closet, but that has nothing to do with sexual fetishism, e.g. latex, leather, stockings, etc...) but many of my male partners do.

sub I was leaning towards the differences between male and female submissives, but your answer is perfect. For those who read your answers, fascinated by your beauty and intelligence, your sensuality, what advice could you give them to make the best possible first impression when contacting you?

MIJ: The best way to impress me is to show that you've read my website in detail. Not just looked at the pictures, but took the time to read it! I write short articles that reflect my views on Domination, practices, safety and how to get the most out of a session with me. Submissives who have done this before contacting me have a much better chance of being accepted for a session. I'm selective about who I see: if they don't invest the time, effort and energy before contacting me, they'll probably be denied the opportunity to serve me.

sub : And with all you've already experienced and accomplished as a Dominatrix, what's next for the beautiful and talented Mistress Inanna Justice? What can your devoted followers look forward to?

MIJ: I have several projects in the works (aside from those I mentioned earlier: pro Dominatrices-only workshops/events, high-protocol parties, tours...) that I don't wish to divulge at the moment but will be making big announcements ( I hope very) soon. Due to current circumstances, some things have been put on hold, but this simply allows me to perfect the many ideas brewing in my mind!

sub It's seductive to imagine you dreaming up new ways to dominate and weaken us for you. Thank you very much for the privilege of this interview, Mistress Inanna. With your permission, may I please ask you one last question?

MIJ: Of course

sub : Thank you, Mistress Inanna Justice. If we were to conduct this interview in person, me kneeling before you, fascinated by your beauty and intoxicated by your power as I asked my questions, how would such an interview conclude?

MIJ: Well, darling, with you kissing my feet in thanks, of course! And then I'd give you a big hug and invite you to join me for a glass of wine or Perrier at my table to discuss, "outside the interview", our thoughts on sexuality, specifically in the context of Female Domination. I always have something to learn, no matter how many events I've attended, how many people I've met, how many books I've read. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and after those sweet kisses of adoration at my feet, I'd love to know what wisdom you can offer me. Oh, and I might also stick my cock up your ass if things go well.

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