A game full of excitement

After a first session discovering BDSM and several practices, I wanted to try Madame Inanna Justice's game. Being a very playful person, this game attracted me. The fact of being able to discover multiple practices and ways of playing around BDSM interested me greatly. So I booked my game, knowing that during this game, I would set aside my limits. 

Now the big day had arrived, I wasn't like when I first came, where I was stressed out not knowing who I was going to meet, how the session was going to be etc... This time, I was all excited about doing a session in the form of a game, but at the same time part of me was saying you won't be able to say no to the random cards. 

Here I am, arriving in the dungeon after a few exchanges, hurrying to the shower and kneeling in front of the door. Once my collar is in place, Madame Inanna explains the rules.

And then the game really begins. A quick tour of the board allows me to spot the squares I want and the squares I'm not so keen on, or even don't know. 

First throw of the dice, I land on face-sitting, a pleasant sensation, I like it a lot. Once this game is over, Madame Inanna notices that I'm not in a cage, which she immediately corrects and takes the opportunity to play with my testicles, some pain appears but I like it !

The game resumes, dice roll after dice roll, and my pawn moves quickly across the board with few rolls. Madame Inanna makes me drool with a dildo at the back of my throat, then fills my ass with an anal plug that I have to keep in until the end of the game. A gag arrives in my mouth for several rounds. My cock is covered in wax. My ass is further filled with a larger plug to prepare me for the final pegging we had discussed before the session. Along the way, a few cane marks appeared on my buttocks. Multiple times tied to the wall for various torture. All these sequences are interspersed with moments of laughter around certain games.

Here I am at the end of the set, but not out of the woods!

The game was over for me, but not for my ass. I find myself strapped to the bench with the hood over my head. And so begins the sequence of one finger, then two, then I don't even know what's penetrating me between finger and dildo, the only thing I do know is that I'm letting myself go totally to the pleasure and sensations involved. Then comes the first stroke of the dildo belt, a totally different sensation from a simple dildo, but it feels so good. The strokes follow each other and the pleasure remains present from start to finish. Then Madame Inanna finishes with some magic fingers to bring my mind and body down, but not the pleasure! 

The session ends, once again the session is far too short but all good things must come to an end but this good thing can return with another session.

After the shower, a few exchanges on multiple subjects and I leave with my head full of new things. 

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