rencontre bdsm électrifiant

An electrifying encounter

This time, having learned from my mistakes, I arrived on time, with a bouquet that was becoming substantial, especially as the lilies took up much more space than the roses! I knew the route well, having taken it several times before, but this time it was different. This time I knew I'd be physically at your feet, not just morally. So there was a strange combination of familiarity and unfamiliarity. I was nervous, and you'd been forcing me to wear a cage for a few days, so I also had a heightened sense of excitement.

Dominatrice bdsm

You opened the door for me and I was stunned. You'd put on a lovely black and white latex dress, nothing like the traditional Dominatrix aesthetic, much prettier. I couldn't get over how gorgeous you looked. We started with a very pleasant chat to bring us up to date, we had lots of subjects to talk about, projects to work on, and it's really nice to take the time to chat over a glass (of water). I took several, fortunately, because I was going to sweat a lot afterwards.

During the conversation, we talked, among other things, about possible future practices in your new apartment, practices that I hadn't considered but that sound tempting. From time to time, my gaze landed on you; you looked really beautiful in your dress! I made a conscious effort to get back to the conversation, especially as we were talking about important things.

When you considered, you decided to start the games, toilet passage and kneeling wait required. I repeated the mantra to calm my heart. You appeared and put on a latex hood that was very constricting, I could hardly see anything and it squeezed my neck, and finally you put the collar back on me, still squeezing, and added a leash. What a joy! I really love feeling the pressure around my neck and the constraint of the hood. I followed you on all fours to the playground. It's been a long time since we started like this, and I think it's a good way to go.

You asked me to start by kissing your feet, to ease myself into subspace. I tried to be meticulous, covering them with kisses. The hood prevented me from feeling them properly, but just being at your feet is a real joy for me.

électrisante rencontre bdsm

You gave me a few slaps, tied my hands and feet in a hogtie and gave me a few swings with a hammer to warm me up. I was already yours.

You put me in very high thigh-high boots with high heels, tights and a corset, all very tight. I absolutely loved it! I thought I was beautiful, and I'd love to be feminized like this (hood, corset, cage, tights and heels) in public or at parties one day. The boots were very high and tight, a delight. They were also very comfortable. And it's a good thing they were comfortable, because I had to wear them for a long time! Indeed, booted as I was, you tied my hands and feet to the wall. I knew that no matter how hard I pulled, I wouldn't be able to free myself. I felt I was really at your mercy, more than ever. And not an ounce of fear, only the happiness of belonging to you. I knew I was going to suffer, but I was ready to do it. You decorated me with a few heavy chains and took photos of me, lovely photos that I treasure.

You got down to brass tacks, first with suction cups on my nipples, then with a cogwheel that you took pleasure in running over my fettered body, and finally with knives with which you grazed (well more than grazed, given the marks!) my skin. I could barely see you through the holes in my hood, but I could tell you had that sadistic look I love so much. It hurt like hell... I have to tell you, I love wearing the marks of your gestures on my skin. I can't help smiling the next day when I notice a cut or a bruise, or when I put on a shirt and my nipples are still sore, reminding me that they've been subjected to your games.

But all this was just a warm-up for the main course. You took out a little case that I instantly recognized, and I knew right away that you were going to give me a taste of electric pain. Still tied to the wall by my hands and feet, still in high heels, you put electrodes on my thighs and began a diabolically brilliant game. The pain arrived instantly, by surprise, and left just as quickly. I couldn't contain my screams so you helped me contain them with a gag.

Comfortably installed on your armchair, you sent me increasingly strong shocks over shorter and shorter durations. I don't know what level of the machine you reached, but for me it was a pain level of 8-9. It was the first time I'd experienced this, and I have to say I like it. Knowing that it's pure pain, intense but without any real danger, allows me to hold it better, feel it better and enjoy it better. I screamed, pulled on the ties, sweated... and loved it! I felt more at your mercy than ever.

Satisfied (I hope) that you'd pushed my limits, you untied me, removed the gag and ordered me to go to the bathroom to take off the boots and put my boxers back on - my ankles were grateful! I went as hard as I could, my legs trembling and my whole body shivering. Boots off, I went back to find you still shaking and still soaking wet.

You received me by asking me to kneel on a plastic cover on the floor. A glass of water appeared in your hands, you offered it to me and I'm grateful because I was dehydrated, fortunately I had drunk some water before starting! You partially hoisted the hood and blew into my neck to cool it down. I could feel you taking care of me and I felt very comfortable, everything was fine, I was safe.

You ordered me to lie on my back on the floor. Still wearing my hood, which almost completely blocked my vision. I caught a glimpse of you standing next to me, candles in hand, a smile on your face. The candlelight reflected off your latex dress, which was really pretty. But I knew what was waiting for me, and it happened quickly. The hot wax fell mercilessly on my body, it hurt, it felt very good! The intensity reached a crescendo, and I moved more and more because of the pain.

In the playlist you had put in, Rammstein came up, I remarked that I liked it and you put several songs in a row. Frankly, that was cool of you and I think it added to the experience. You tested the waters for trampling, kneeling on my chest. I like to feel the pressure of your weight. Likewise, you put your foot on my throat and applied gentle pressure. You didn't insist. Instead you firmly locked my head between your thighs, I could only catch a glimpse of your panties but I found the position very exciting and what I was seeing pleased me a lot. Clearly out of my reach, no chance of touching them, you blocked me very firmly.

Anyway, no time to dwell on it, the pain kept increasing, we were back on 8-9, I was about to tell you I couldn't do it anymore and... you stopped. It was over, I was relieved, I'd held on. You skilfully removed the wax from my body with the knife, and I tried to caress you while you did it. You took off my hood and sent me for a shower to finish removing the traces of wax. I was flying high.

Une rencontre électrisante
Zentai and shibari

When I got back from the shower, you had me put on a full-bodysuit zentai type suit, which felt strange, but comfortable. I soon understood why, because for this third act you'd decided to do something more relaxed, shibari. Again, it was my first time. It was nice to feel tied up, unable to move, all to relaxing music which, after Rammstein, was a nice contrast.

You've discovered that I'm ticklish, and you've made no bones about having fun with this weak spot. Receiving your relentless tickling, being completely tied up and unable to escape me, is something I wasn't expecting at all. Luckily you stopped before it got too much, you stayed at a fun level, but I can see how it can become a real torture!

You sent me toward the shower, but I stopped to kneel before you, squeeze your legs and rest my head on your belly, then weep with joy. I was ecstatic.

Back from the shower, hungry, we went to dinner. At dinner, you told me how quickly the time went by for you. You also told me that you hadn't had time to do a lot of the things you'd planned. We'll do it again next time!

It wasn't until I got home that I was allowed to remove the cage, but I felt no desire to touch myself. What I'd experienced was so much better than a physical orgasm!

Thank you Madame, really.

I'm always at your feet.

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