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Perfect first time

After a great deal of internet research and hesitation, I finally decided to ask Madame Inanna to book my sessions.  Being a beginner, I didn't know where to start. So I read Madame Inanna's many posts and did a bit of research as well. Here I am, ready to apply. Once I'd sent it, everything went very quickly and the date was planned. And also the appointment in Visio.

Ms Inanna really got to know me and my desires, using the Visio. 

The day of the session has finally arrived. I enter a calm and relaxing place. After some conventional chatting, the weather changes and Madame Inanna sets the mood for the session and I find myself under her spell in the blink of an eye. She takes me into the bathroom where she orders me to undress completely, then comes to play with my nipples, clamps, slaps, what a pleasure! Then comes the shower, with anal enema. Once all this is over, I find myself in a chastity cage, my wrists tied in the air, my legs spread. I discover the sensations of being in a cage, having a weight pulling down and not being able to get hard, what a pleasure!!!!

And so begins the sequence of calm moments followed by lashes, whips and dragon's tongues, all precisely measured to allow time to be in pain while enjoying the moment! A fine balance mastered by Madame. 

Here I was, untied from this position and strapped to the St Andrew's cross, blindfolded with a gag. This sensation of total constraint was really very pleasant. I could feel my drool coming out of my mouth without being able to control it, what a pleasure. 

My anal work begins with a perfect mastery of a vibrating anal plug. An unknown sensation but so pleasant. All tied up with a few strokes of the banter!

Then Madame Inanna forced me onto my back with my legs spread to work my ass and mouth. I sucked on a dildo I'd never thought I'd be able to take in my mouth, what a pleasant sensation to be filled from this side. This same dildo ended up in my ass with the same reflection how it went in, but above all how good it feels!!!

After training my mouth, I was treated to a large Gag securely attached to the back of my mouth.

Far from imagining that a second later, I would find myself on all fours, forced to arch my buttocks in the air with an anal hook attached to the gag. The slightest movement of my head would be reflected on my arse, what a pleasant posture, I'm dreaming again! Of course, leaving me alone like that was too easy, so Madame played with wax to make me move even more and make me feel my submissive position constrained with my hook. 

And then, sad news, we have to come back to reality, the session is over, it went by so fast. I'm looking forward to another session to discover so many new things.

Throughout the session, I discovered lots of ways to be dominated, with lots of practice and different games, as well as explanations during the session. A perfect session for a beginner like me. It enabled me to discover this world and the associated practices and pleasure associated with being dominated.

Throughout the session, Madame Inanna showed herself to be attentive without stepping out of her role, a pure joy and a very fine mastery on her part, which I'm sure isn't easy!

Thanks again!

première fois

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