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Tied up and helpless

I want to write to you because I think I express myself better this way than by speaking (even in my *native language*, I'm a bit shy about expressing myself properly).

I also take the opportunity to write when I can still smell the odors in my head, your perfume, latex and leather. I feel as if it had all been a dream, even a little light-headed, but incredibly satisfied.

At first, I found it hard to put myself in the submissive role, I'm someone who thinks a lot, and I still felt burdened with thoughts. But then I felt like I was possessed, and my body and head focused on sensations and the desire to feel.

I loved the first stage, Me lying on the table. I felt always on the alert, waiting for what was going to happen. I loved that you dressed me and did my make-up (you did it very quickly, I take a lot of time). I loved his caresses, his bites and pinches, I never knew where they might come from. I won't forget his fingers in my mouth, playing with my mouth.

The second stage is the one I particularly enjoyed. The feeling of being tied up and helpless, unable to speak or see and always in suspense put me into a trance. What's more, her whips and caresses transported me to another world. I even forgot about the plug in my ass. I loved her unpredictable whips. Also her spankings, her voice. Her voice was always present, soft and sensual.

Already in the last part, I felt totally submissive to you, I think at that point I desired to please you in everything. When you started to penetrate me with your dildo, I still had doubts if it was going to hurt (I also thought that if the wash was good, I didn't want to do anything stupid), but it didn't hurt, after that I felt your penetration and in that position with my legs fixed and your movements and spanks transported me back into a trance. I could feel your body above mine and I could feel her breathing.

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Thank you for this last embrace that brought me back to life, to the present moment. I have to thank you for letting me have this experience. I've always been a bit shy in general, so I didn't touch her much, until you gave me permission. You're really beautiful and sexy, I liked your voice and your eyes, I was a bit shy to look at them. I can't forget her strong hands and sexy feet either.

I think for the next one I could tolerate a bit more whipping and pain in general, like on my nipples. I'd like to try with my hands tied in the other scenarios, I think it's that feeling of helplessness that I enjoy the most.

I apologize for the length of my comments, but I'd like to see you again, in a few months, maybe in September or November, we'll see.

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