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BDSM allows my creative and playful spirit to come out, and I adore organising elaborate scenarios. Kidnappings are amongst my favorite sessions to plan.

Here is an article about an abduction that I organised last year.


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The thrill of kidnappings


The thrill of kidnappings

What is it about kidnappings that is so exciting? Why are so many people drawn to the idea of being thrown into the trunk of a car, gagged and blindfolded then hauled off to a secret location to be tortured?

thrill of kidnappings

Part of what makes BDSM scenes so exciting is the unknown. While I ask for certain information prior to organizing a session (be it a kidnapping scene or otherwise), you are essentially giving me complete control of your safety and security for a certain amount of time. Abductions take it to the next level. While you may be aware of what day or week I’m going to nab you, you have little or no other information. Will I be alone or with other people? Where will we go? How long will the torture last? What if something goes wrong? Will I be safe or is my kidnapper truly a little crazy?

Another aspect of kidnapping fantasies is the adrenaline factor. It’s the same reason we go to scary movies, ride motorcycles, roller coasters, or willingly engage in any other number of things that make us jump. We look for this rush in any number of situations, and an abduction is the ultimate adrenaline-provoking experience.

thrill of kidnappings

As with other BDSM scenes, there is also the element of escapism in abduction fantasies. You lose control, it is your captor that makes all the decisions. There is something wonderfully freeing about giving someone else complete control of a situation. You don’t have to think, you just have to be a good boy or girl and follow orders. Isn’t that liberating?

Kidnapping fantasies are some of my favorite sessions to organize. It’s a bit like writing a play. There are so many details to consider, and I love playing out all the possible outcomes in my head long before the scene actually takes place. Like for many of you, for me, the anticipation of a session is sometimes nearly as good as the session itself. While they take much more organization and planning than a traditional BDSM scene, the thrill of seeing you writhe while in captivity makes it so worthwhile.

*As with all of my sessions, I follow strict rules regarding consent. Please read my blog entry on the subject.

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