A third session

Here I am, longing for a 3ᵉ session with Inanna Justice. A dominatrix who knows how to respond to my desires and who always makes me want to go and discover more practice and sensations.

For this 3-hour session, the longest of the 3, I wanted to discover certain practices that I had explored too quickly during Inannapoly (the game invented by Inanna Justice). By researching and following several dominatrixes on the net, I also discovered other practices that made me want to learn more. So, for this session, I've listed the few practices that appeal to me, without, of course, imposing them, but rather trusting them completely. 

This list included :

- of course anal

- gags 

- nipple play (not a request to be forgotten, I'll come back to it)

- bondage and predicament

- electrical set 

Here we are on the big day, I arrive with a gift that Madame knew about, a Silensilicone gag and a few other gifts. I'm off for a quick shower, so as to get on with the session as quickly as possible, because despite the slight stress, I can't wait to find out how I'm going to be tortured.

I quickly realized that my gift was going to end up deep in my mouth, all held in a tight head harness. The sensation of this new gag is very pleasant: it hugs the whole of the mouth while totally preventing me from speaking. The little addition of the head harness is a welcome addition to the gag.

Then Madame starts by putting my arms back in a tight camisole. I find myself with my arms pulled back upwards, all on my knees.  

Of course, this position without other elements is too simple. So she adds a vibrating plug to my ass. An element that is not unpleasant, but rather considered a gift.

To continue the torture, positioned in front of me, she tortures me with electricity on my cock, nipples and torso, all accompanied by her gaze, her smile and her bewitching laugh that transports you into another world where you accept and take pleasure.

The end of this position is ultimately no relief, the whole body is numb, but Madame's expertise is there to help me regain my composure.

As soon as I regained my senses, I was firmly attached to the cross, and I had to see what was in store for me. The roofing of the nipples, something asked for, something done. 

So here I am with a nipple clamp on each nipple. And now I'm entering a phase of pain acceptance. I never thought I'd accept so much pain, but above all to enjoy it so much. And Madame continues to play, immersing me in her pleasure with her bewitching smile. She removes and moves the clamps. I move with pain and pleasure. To all this, she adds more electricity for her pleasure, but also for mine. 

This torture comes to an end and once again, she comes to cool my burning nipples so that I can come to my senses.

I'm not sure how to explain it, but I'm drawn to it, am I going to regret it?

Here I am, "comfortably" installed in her pillory at Madame's mercy. I find the position strange, but not unpleasant at the moment.

Obviously in this position my ass is well exposed for the insertion of what I think is a classic plug when suddenly a strange sensation comes over me. I realize it's an electric plug. The sensations follow, as does the intensity. Other electrical elements are added on my balls, around my cock. Each movement changes the sensation of electricity in my body. I take pleasure under the gaze of my mistress. But above all I understand the constraint of the pillory, which becomes very hard to bear. Every movement is torture and I can't control it because of the electricity in my ass.

Once this position is over, Madame tells me that she wants to take care of my ass, make it hard. Which puts me on the alert. 

Here I am in a straitjacket strapped to a table, my legs in the air. A gag holding my mouth open. All kinds of things go through my head. And then the anal play begins. I can feel the dildos coming and going. Madame takes the opportunity to play with my dick. I quickly realize that she wants to make me come, but at the same time she doesn't. She stops just before each thrust. She stops just before each one. I start to feel like I'm in another world, a pleasure I've never experienced before. When all of a sudden she decides to go all the way, it's a relief, an extraordinary pleasure that quickly becomes strange as Madame continues after the orgasm.

By the time I've detached myself from all these constraints, I'm back in the spirit, finishing the session with a moment of discussion.

I thank you again for this moment filled with new and enriching sensations. I love the way you play with your submissives. 

I'll have the same feeling again when I close the dungeon door the next time it opens for me.

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