INANNA janvier 2024 43 scaled Une rencontre tant attendue…

A long-awaited meeting...

Here I am, carving my way up the many flights of stairs, breathless, it's time for my sentence. No information on the session to come, Madame preferring to play the surprise card, which myself no longer really surprises me to be in this unknown. Playing with the unknown, imagining multiple scenarios, verging on envy and desire, can sometimes be captivating, only to end up far removed from our ideas. Nevertheless, as is often the case, Madame likes to play psychological games with me just before our session, and guess what? A lovely Tweeter post appears before my eyes, noting the following: If I wear leggings for a session, you can be sure it will be sporty. Yes, I'm being kind, I've translated the message, which was originally in English. What a lovely Tweeter post, provocation/temptation is a game Madame masters so well, a lovely smile runs through my face. I'll enjoy replying at the end of the session. I want to take advantage of this temptation, which she offers to lure me into her sharp claws.

I watch my phone, right on time, neither early nor late, just the right time to knock on the door that opens onto a world of endless desire and torment. Madame opens the door, ravishingly dressed, always elegant, a big smile on her face, and here I am in the Justice Room. I confirm that I've received her subliminal Tweeter message, and she looks delighted! She's as delighted as I am when I provoke her by message, just before playing "même pas peur, même pas mal", as I tell her. I like this little game between us; I know she'll always win, fortunately, but that doesn't stop me enjoying it. After the reunion, the provocation, a moment's exchange, a few chats before entering the dark room. It had been a long time since I'd seen Madame in a session, so we had a lot to talk about, and I was delighted!

Shall we begin?

We begin the hostilities with the first important piece of information, the kind of information that throws all the cards into play. Madame stares at me and then says, with a smile that goes right up to my ears: "I've decided to make you work on your cane, and at each of our meetings, you'll be given some cane to prepare you for your goal at the end of the year. The goal at the end of the year is to cane cold, hard and with great intensity (in sets of 6).

My reaction? A little nervous laugh, I don't like the cane, the cane is such a fearsome instrument of torture in my eyes! So powerful, so painful, so unpredictable, the 3 words that go straight to my mind. And yet, strangely enough, I agreed with Madame on this objective, and above all on working alongside her to achieve it. Consent is always important in BDSM. Besides, I realize (more and more) that I'm a bit of a masochist at times. Our next encounters are likely to be very hot.

After this information, I look at her, asking feverishly: Any other information to pass on? She smiles at me before saying: No, with a look so satisfied with her surprise, and then vanishing into the dungeon. Madame's slightly contemptuous, arrogant demeanor through her answer brings me great joy. Yes, I know, it's strange, but I love the way she is with me. She can make me go from one feeling to another in the blink of an eye. Of course, everyone's different and has different needs. Me, I love this little game and the psychology of BDSM! This new provocation from Madame makes me want to join her even more, so I strip off at high speed, before kneeling down facing her to receive my necklace.

This time, the session can begin!

I'd missed this warm room, and now I've rediscovered its smell, its spirit, its various objects, and I feel so at home here. A room that soothes me as much as it brings me good suffering. A room that brings me freedom, the freedom to be who I am, a submissive deeply fortunate to be here. A special reconnection with Madame forms before the game begins...I'm ready, let the dark room play itself out.

The first step is for Madame to place little legos, like spikes, under my feet, before taping them up. Suffice to say, every step I take is a stinging pain, and I wonder if I'm about to become a dancer! To accentuate this torture, I position myself in front of the cage before leaning forward onto it. Simple? No, not really, Madame has taken great care to place a carpet full of spikes on the cage. As a result, as I bend over, my body sinks into the spikes, and as Madame says, you can always do better... so I bend over the spikes while standing on tiptoe to feel all the sore spots. My body makes me suffer, I welcome the pain within me, this pain marking my submission to this great Lady of cruelty. To increase the difficulty a notch, Madame decides to tie me up, my body sinking deeper and deeper into the prickles, I succumb to pleasure. And that's only the beginning of this session.

Unfortunately, an incident does happen, yes, a problem can happen during a session. It's not catastrophic, quite the contrary, it just goes to show how important it is to have confidence in the Dominatrix you're playing with and, above all, to have confidence in the way she'll react in the event of a problem. This seemed to me an important point to redefine: you must always be sure of your playing partners, have confidence and above all communicate well. Fortunately for me, I have absolute confidence in Madame and her management, so everything went as smoothly as possible, and after dealing with this mishap, we resumed the session in good spirits. Madame is her great benevolence.

Tied to this cage with ropes, I sink into the spikes for a while, my feet transformed into pieces of flesh. Time passes, and the moment of training sounds like a death sentence. Yes, it's perhaps a bit violent as a comparison, but we're talking about the cane here... I'm ready to receive the impact, no release possible, anyway, I couldn't walk! In her great kindness, Madame counts in her head for me, leaving me to concentrate on my pain. We start with a big cane, one blow, then two, then three, I groan, improvise a few steps to get over the burning side of my body. When we're in pain, we sometimes realize things that are totally incomprehensible, but it doesn't matter, we have to tell ourselves that we're entertaining our Doms. The magic of the brain is its need to express itself. Especially me, I know myself, I have great difficulty controlling myself without moving (sorry Madame!) I'm working on it. I'm on my fifth stroke, I've got one more to go, I know it's going to be terribly hot, I close my eyes and wait for Inanna Justice's goodwill. She loves to give false hope: I go for it, then no, I don't go for it anymore! And then, surprise, the last blow falls, my last beautiful dance step. I've passed the first stage. Now for the second stage, still tied up, I've almost forgotten my spikes, Madame pulls out a much finer cane, and we start again for a second series. I'm ready and waiting.

The fine cane makes me melt even more, I'm torn between the unbearable pain and the intense burning of my body. She follows the impact much faster than the first session. I recognize her sense of disruption, a kind of deprivation she imposes on me. There's no way I'm going to get used to a set rhythm, a set intensity, no, Inanna Justice prefers surprise mode. This makes the exercise even more exciting for me, and her training even more difficult. On the plus side, I love to push myself, especially to please her, so we grit our teeth a little, get out our best dance moves and perfect!

This time, two sessions of 6 shots will do me proud, and I thank her appropriately. I'm relieved to have succeeded in this first step, I stare into her eyes, her sparkling gaze. As if in satisfaction, she unties me from the ropes, and I straighten up, trying to take a few steps with a soft, painful grimace. What next? Madame has decided to take up gardening, and goes out onto her balcony to fetch some plants or nettles. Keeping with the prickly theme, a leaf on each nipple and close to my sex. Fingers crossed it doesn't go any lower. Don't worry, Inanna Justice always plans the details, so she pulls out a roll of cellophane to wrap around my body and flatten the nettles. My nervous little smile is back! Between the stinging under my feet and the nettles, I don't really know which to choose.

And that's not the end of, after this magnificent wrapping, a head harness joins the feast of sensations. I'm back on my toes, or at least what's left of them, hanging by my head. At first, I found this harness very comfortable, thinking to myself: a rather tranquil bondage system. Can you feel my error? Never underestimate Inanna Justice, and after 10 minutes (maybe more), my jaw started to hurt, and the harness pulled me tighter and tighter. The problem is the spikes under my feet that make me gesticulate. The more I move, the more the harness pulls me and causes me pain.

I have two choices: Either I don't move any more, in stoic mode, so the harness doesn't pull on my jaw any more, or I keep gesticulating to relieve the pain in my feet, in which case the head harness hurts. And let's not forget the nettles, which are an added obstacle in both options.

And yes, Madame is always one step ahead, and the choice of our suffering delights her to no end. Unable to choose, I alternate between the two options, grimacing with painful pleasure. No words, no provocation, this time Madame has won the game. The minutes are interminable in this situation, with Madame circling me like a prey to be devoured, having fun pressing on the nettles with her devilish smile. I lose myself in her eyes, waiting for my torment to end. She is the Mistress of Time and I am her object du jour.

In her great mercy, she gives me the right to choose what I want to remove first. Without hesitation, I answer: my feet! Once I'm free," she says, "I'll be able to put my feet down without any problem, thus calming my movements and relieving my head. At my request, she yanks the tape off, and a deep groan of relief comes over me. It was at this point that I realized my mistake in trying to put my foot down. The pain was so sharp, the flesh still scarred. It was like a wounded little animal that could no longer stand on its feet. Madame was amused by the situation, her laughter still ringing in my ears. Time passes, and this time I win my release from the harness, rediscovering the freedom to open my jaw. Gently, but it still hurts. My body has to get used to it again. On the other hand, I'm keeping the nettles. You mustn't abuse your kindness either.

Now that my body is sore, let's move on to the second stage? This one will be a little calmer and more pleasant for me. I call it the Inanna Justice version of bondage. Beyond the aesthetic, relaxing, calming, painful aspect...what I like most about bondage with Madame is the aspect of being an object to be shaped. She always gives free rein to her imagination, which makes for some incredible positions and moments! I let myself be guided by her, by her desire, by her imagination, and I find that so pleasurable.

At her request, I lie on my back, a few chains joining my body, ropes, various ties to restrict my movements, I'm totally at her mercy. I find myself completely dependent on Madame. My mind brat? Yes, I did try at the time. I thought it was the perfect opportunity. The result? I found myself in a large, uncomfortable neck brace, which calmed my ardor in two minutes flat. I couldn't move an inch. And to calm me down even more, having managed to sit up, with the neck brace blocking me, she just had to push me with her hand so easily to make me lie down again. A slight humiliation of ease that I lived well, one day I'll get there. I love floor games with Madame, I discovered a little while ago (yes, she always wins). Now, so humiliated by Madame's disconcerting ease, with my ardors calmed and well tied up, I decide to stay put. It's time to enjoy the moment she's offering me, a moment of disconnection and letting go. There's a time for everything. I feel so calm, my body evaporates in the room, bondage is so pleasurable for me. I stay for a while before she decides to put me in a new position, still in my uncomfortable neck brace. My body continues to plunge into this dimension of pleasure, well-being and soothing. I thank her infinitely for this moment of delicious sharing and control. You're always helping me to control and channel myself in different ways, and I just wanted to let you know. It's a great pleasure for me, a great honor to experience this with you.

The last stage? I'm freed from the nettles, a stinging release, a towel slips under my body. The rest is in the making. As a final gift, we're going to make candles! I love candles so much, so coupled with bondage, my joy is great. Madame begins to practice her art on my body, gently, warmly, with great tenderness. I melt with pleasure and warmth at this wonderful moment of complicity with her. An unexpected reaction arrives: the candle on the nettle spots tickles! Impossible to hold back, a moment of laughter seizes me, Madame has clearly understood the sensitive spots, and she'll be having fun with it all the way. Between the pain, the tickling, the burning, I evaporate in her gaze, one last look of complicity and tenderness on her part.

That's it, she'll give me back my freedom after a good shower. One last time, I'll present myself on my knees to Madame, grateful for this fabulous session, this connection so beautiful and so intense. To belong to her, to surpass myself at her side, is a chance I measure every day. Before leaving, I let her know in my own way how grateful I am, a little tactile but not too much (a lot of work on Madame's part with me!) I thank her and fly off with my head full of thoughts.


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