première fois

A first time

I've just finished my first session with Inanna Justice, and I'm writing these few words to bear witness to what it was like. As the title suggests, this was my first session with Inanna Justice. It certainly wasn't my first Domination session, but when I came out of it, I really felt like I'd experienced a first time. And what a first! Not a violent, abrupt, quick and consummate first time, no, but an intense, binding, slow and promising one. First times like this are something we could have every day.

Inanna Justice knows how to put you at ease and get you where she wants you to go. Right from the start, she makes sure you're ready, clean and relaxed. Once the ice is broken, the session can begin. I soon find myself on my knees, waiting for Madame to hand me my collar, a symbol of my total submission for this session. At first, you don't feel the collar, it's as if it's not there. But when Madame decides to let you feel it, she knows how to make you feel it, and in many different ways: at one point I found myself completely and very firmly held by the collar, while I could see Inanna barely moving her little finger: I don't know how she did it, and I don't want to know, but I was definitely being held.

Wearing my collar, I found myself face to face with Inanna, who enjoyed titillating my mouth, chin, neck, nipples, a whole host of Chinese points and scratching me all over by surprise. Very attentive, she made sure that all this was more of a delight than a torment: a delicious torment. At that moment, I said something I shouldn't have, and the slaps came to call me to order directly: if you don't like it, Madame knows how to make you feel it, and I can assure you that after that, you won't be ready to do it again. It goes straight into your head, and with authority.

From then on, I think I lost the precise chronology of events. What I do remember, however, is that at every moment, I told myself that if the session stopped immediately, I'd be fulfilled (and I was!). Once I'd been properly teased, Madame then strapped me into some hangers, without me knowing what to expect. And this was a real submissive delight, for Inanna knows how to handle swifts and whips with a severe gentleness that would please even non-masos. But here again, be careful what you say or do: one little slip and you can forget the word gentleness and just keep the adjective severe... Once corrected (ouch!), I found myself in the cage, where Madame enjoyed tormenting me with her boots. Being a big boot fetishist, I was delighted at the prospect of this torment. But don't think you're going to realize your fantasies, however explicit they may be: it's Madame who decides, and she knows how to torment in 1,000 different ways. Fortunately, she also likes to reward your submission. After a few more torments, which I'll skip for the sake of brevity, Inanna ordered me to lie down on the cage and she had fun with her ropes, even though I don't normally like bondage! But here again, as for the whole session, her desires came first, and she knows how to share her desires so well that I loved the bondage.

Then came the moment of deliverance, like a plane that lands without you noticing, and you find yourself gently kissing Inanna's boots, full of gratitude that radiates throughout the pleasant social time. In conclusion, I wish everyone such a wonderful first time!

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