830A9648 scaled 1 Un jeune patient

A young patient

First consultation with Dr. Inanna.
I enter her office, and she greets me dressed in a white gown and smock, with a mask over her face. The mask brings out her tender eyes.
I explain that I've come because of a stomach problem...
To treat me, she injects me several times the volume of enema bulb to treat this ailment and pads me in a diaper to prevent leaks. That said, filling the diaper wouldn't have bothered me...
She performs a complete check-up to check my physical integrity.
Every orifice is checked, examined with her panels of instruments. She discovers various pathologies, and takes the opportunity to treat them.
After enema and shower.
My doctor tied me to the auscultation table, depriving me of my movements.
She proceeded to examine my genitalia. With probes of different sizes and shapes, she proceeded to the urinary catheterization.
With her great experience, I felt confident and let myself go to her exploration of this channel which rarely comes up through instruments, and which gave me different sensations, I had the impression that she was inside me. She was exploring me from the inside.
France MedFet
Then came the examination of my prostate, on all fours, I felt like an animal being harvested for semen, looking for my practitioner's gaze, which was hard to find in this position.
This exam was so intense that I was able to hold myself back...
It was a very intense, timeless experience.
I could let myself go at every review.
This clinician's precious hands, gloved in different colors and materials, have already taken me on a journey into the world of MedFet.
I'd like to thank Inanna for this successful consultation and shared moment, and I'll be back for my routine check-up.
- A young patient