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A day of deprivation

Episode 2

It all started at the beginning of September, with a strange message from Madame, which said to me: are you interested in a bondage day at the end of October? I'd love to do another episode 2! I could hardly refuse such a wonderful invitation. What's more, sensory deprivation and bondage are my favorite practices, so I was delighted. As time goes by and the big day approaches, I can't wait to dive back into this labyrinth of deprivation. I've learned that there will be 3 of us this time, and I'm looking forward to sharing this wonderful moment with other subs.

D-Day is finally upon me, I've been waiting a long time for it, and as a sign a big storm is forecast for this day. I'll send a message to Madame saying: you've decided to create a storm, there are other ways of composing a strong signal. The gusts of wind remind me of what awaits me in the dungeon: a sensory whirlwind. First difficulty: in view of the storm, taking the train was out of the question, so I had no choice but to drive to Paris. As far as I was concerned, a storm was not a valid excuse for me to miss this lovely day ahead.
On the way, Madame calls me, surprisingly, have I made a mistake? No, not this time, we just talked about the day. In the end, there were only two of us, too bad for the third person. After many ups and downs, I finally arrived in Paris, ready and calm, and walked up to Inanna Justice. A slight feeling of anxiety came over me as I climbed the stairs, reached her landing and took a deep breath, it was time to introduce myself. I've decided to introduce myself in a rather...surprising way! A special Halloween pig mask, a devil's pitchfork and a cape will dress me up on his landing. An important detail: a sign with the slogan: trick or treat? I think this motto represents me perfectly.
I'm standing in front of her door, there's no turning back now, it's time for me to take it all the way. Is provocation a bad thing? Oh sure, and yet I was quite happy with my idea. I take a deep breath before knocking. The door opened, and through my mask I could see Madame smiling at me. Once inside, I take off the mask, look at her and see a big smile. She'll tell me she liked the idea, but I was going to pay for it. All provocation has to be paid for, the price remains to be defined. 

Now we get down to business, I undress and get ready to start the session. I enter the abuse room, and the atmosphere takes hold of me instantly. Inanna leads me to the 1st object: a new acquisition, a pillory. Intrigued by the object, I get into position, my head + hands locked in the holes, a position which at first seems quite comfortable. Very quickly, I regret my 1st opinion, my body plunging into a pit of suffering, my muscles tetanized and my mind in agony. To accentuate the weight of the suffering running through me, Madame adds straps to hold the rest of my body in place, with no area gaining freedom and a loss of vision bringing the scene to a close. My wrists are compressed between the circles, I can hardly move my hand without causing myself further torment, my head firmly held, with the law of gravity it pulls down and obviously as with the hands if I move, suffering calls me to order. My whole body becomes atrociously stiff, which I desperately try to control. You'd think kneeling would bring relief, but it doesn't. In fact, it's a deception. It's even a deception of the brain, and even more so with the belts installed by Madame.
Once detached, when it's time to retension the 4 limbs, the atrocity continues. The pillory is a very vicious object, a veritable living torture. In itself, a good punishment, no? I can understand it, this position was going to be with me for a long time, the price to pay for my great insolence? Certainly, being the first to arrive, Inanna took the opportunity to dig even deeper into the well of my suffering. With a cane in hand, 5 blows came down on me (she was very lenient), as well as tickling and tweezing. Provocation always pays off.
Once I've had my fun, I find myself alone on this pillory, my body agonizing in pain. Like a struggle with myself, I let out moans camouflaged by a gag. Between moans, I hear a male voice, the second person is coming. Is this the end of my ordeal? No, not yet according to Inanna, who installs the second person and then leaves me to struggle with myself. Abruptly, I feel some of the straps come off me, I feel my body rise to the surface. Madame grants me partial freedom, my tetanized body aching with every movement, much to Madame's delight.
I come to my senses before the second position. I tuck myself into a bag before lying on my back on the floor. Straps compress every part of my body. Scotch tape fills the hold, and both my hands are closed. This time, no pain, my mind completely disconnected. I'm already a long way from the room, I hear a few noises, my body doesn't respond. On the verge of falling asleep at times, a deep disconnection invades me. The bonds have such an intense power over me, I can't explain it, a kind of strange meditation. From time to time, Inanna pushes me from one place to another, and I'm tossed back and forth through my fullness.
Stranded in this room like a defenseless animal, Madame will bring me back gently, a hand on my chest, straps coming loose, 13 resurfacing with difficulty. I remember feeling terribly cold, shivers running through me, a real nice disconnect for me. From time to time, I look at the second submissive, still very calm, impressive work by Inanna.
My third position arrives, a straitjacket to start with to warm me up a bit, then here I am, twirling in the air. With the help of ropes, I fly around the room. Of course, Madame likes to see me suffer, and I feel some of the ropes digging into my skin, oscillating between intense pleasure and continuous pain. Strangely, I moan, yet my mind switches off. The pain wavers me into deep meditation, until the moment when I have to wear my pig mask for a video from my Mistress. Here I am, gently disconnecting with a pig mask, quite a scene to experience. The infernal labyrinth of deprivation is nothing but pleasure. Each time I come down, I wonder what new door I'm going to open.
After a while, I totally lose the time disconnect, Inanna brings me down from my cloud, a moment of calm before the next storm. I had to remove the sotch from my hands with my mouth. End of the little beached animal, back to another reality. I take the opportunity to have a bite to eat at Madame's invitation, before setting off again for a new experience. I'm familiar with the next experiment, even a little too familiar with it. A head harness with a huge ball will be embedded in my mouth. Oh yes, I'm familiar with the pain of this gag. As in Episode 1, hands behind my back, tied to my ankles, head back, indescribable pain overwhelms me. She'll tell me: let's see if you've learned your lesson. I know that lesson about giving up by heart. Obviously, I was going to give up with this gag. The question was, after how long? I look into her eyes so intensely that the ordeal I'm going through, she smiles at me, I know she's waiting for one thing...surrender. To make the exercise more difficult, she pulls the harness up and down, before hanging it up. I nearly choke twice or three times on my saliva, I can't take it anymore, I've got no strength left, my struggle is in vain. Like the first time, she won't give in, one last pleading look before she does. I held out as long as I could, but how could I win at this game with such a great Lady? I'd given up. I was a small animal airing in pain and pleasure, defeated by a great trainer. 

To finish this pretty whirlwind, one last position, multiple ropes wrapped around me before I lay flat on my stomach in the cage. I was lucky enough to enjoy the double pleasure of lying in the cage enclosed and held firmly by ropes. Suffice to say, my body didn't resist despite the presence of prickly objects on my body. And yes, Madame loves to add pain when she has to. With these three elements combined, my mind wandered again, I stopped moving, my body abandoned me. I couldn't describe how I felt, so intense was this last position for me. It was as if a great wave of deprivation invaded the room and I, little 13, was drowning in it.
In these moments, when time passes so quickly, I hear a few words from Inanna trying to bring me back to the surface. I hear the words: you can try to untie 13. Normally, I love this phrase, it's a great pleasure to let myself play, but I just can't do it. I try two or three times before plunging back into my own drowning. Total abandonment on my part, I realize. Madame will smile and say: cheeky girl, I'm used to her addressing me like that, it always makes me smile. I don't react to these words, as if I've been silenced.
Now I can say it, if you only knew Madame, how I loved being insolent at that moment. This very insolence that was drowning me, a wellbeing giving me, an intense exhaustion running through me. I'm simply tied up tight, rambling with my greatest insolence. Oh no, I don't have the strength to detach myself any more, I'm enjoying every minute before this release that awaits me, so yes, I've been insolent Madame, and I have no regrets (this time). This position, as painful as it is, has done me an indescribable amount of good, to be locked up in this beautiful cage, what more could you ask for? I'd like to thank you for leaving me like this, Madame.
In the end, Inanna will release me from my bonds before I myself regain full consciousness. I finish her work before leaving the cage to sit in my corner. As I sit, I meditate on what I've just experienced during this session. I'm terribly happy, exhausted and proud to have taken part in this day, thanks to you. 

The second person also ends up being released, and we all meet up in the kitchen for a debriefing and a nice glass of apple juice! The person leaves in silence, and I get a few more moments with you to help you tidy up, then drop you off at home. I'd like to thank you for this wonderful time with you, it was terribly intense on certain positions, and I enjoyed it all afternoon. You're a great dominatrix, Madame, thank you for these moments. 

For this second episode, I'll know in future that pain goes perfectly with a day of sensory deprivation. 


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