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Initiating a sissy

I wanted to thank you for accompanying me during my initiation into this marvellous environment. I wasn't expecting this at all, your kindness, benevolence but also firmness during the session. I felt supported, accompanied and guided step by step.

It was the first time anyone had seen me naked, and yet I managed to undress without embarrassment, your little attentions and words during my make-up and tutu dance really brought me into my Sissy Soumise fantasy.

But my best memory remains the bondage part, where I found myself entirely at your mercy, and once again I was in absolute confidence. The feeling of letting go, of no longer controlling anything, the pressure of the bonds... I still remember it, as if it were yesterday.

It took me several days to come down from my little cloud and then several weeks to really realize what we'd been through. I then took the time to think about what I really wanted and what I was really looking for in my life as a sissy.

I would like to thank you very much and I will always remember my initiation with you.

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