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Note from Inanna Justice: As many of you know, I've created a board game called Inannapoly. I invited my dear girlfriend, Mistress BlancheWe were delighted to welcome two players, Julia (Blanche's regular sub) and P. We welcomed two players, Julia (Blanche's regular sub) and P. Here's Julia's report. If you'd like to try your luck at Inannapoly, contact me.

I can only thank my Mistress for this invitation to play at Madame Inanna Justice's house. Firstly, because it always sounds like the reward for irreproachable behavior. But also because I belong to her body and soul, and to be invited to serve another Dominatrix is a token of total trust, the kind that sanctions my loyalty, which I hope will be complete and eternal.

Summoned late in the afternoon to Madame Inanna's, I hurry to her neighborhood a little early to make sure I'm punctual, as usual. A message from my Mistress invites me upstairs. The door opens. Madame Inanna greets me with a broad smile. Impressed from the start, I make myself very small, looking down at the floor, and after a shy greeting from my hostess, I immediately assume my favorite position, kneeling at my Mistress's feet.

I'm here for a very specific reason. To take part in a very special game that Madame Inanna has acquired: InannaPoly. The famous game where you pluck yourself or others with banknotes and the construction of hotels and houses, revisited by the Machiavellian mind of Madame Inanna. While I'm very curious to find out what it's all about, I know for a fact that the rules have been fundamentally revised and will be based on a constant imbalance, to the detriment of the submissives who dare to take on the Mistresses of the game.

Fortunately, I'm not alone. It's bad enough that the rules aren't to my advantage, but if on top of that I find myself up against two playful, perverse and sadistic dominatrixes, I might as well tell you that I wouldn't have survived this initiation... Another submissive also came to try out this new Domination format.

Quickly stripped naked, we kneel down in front of a low table on which the board and game elements are laid out. I concentrate intently, observing each square, each element (dice, hourglass, cards), trying to understand the concept for myself. Some forty different squares mark out the course of the submissive. The aim: to reach the end of the board, through a series of challenges, but above all to overcome them.

Then it's time for the official explanations. Knowing full well that it's best to listen carefully if, at best, you want to get to the end of the game, and at worst avoid punishment for repeating the rules, I drink in Madame Inanna's explanations, which seem as happy as can be and impatient to get the game underway. The few smiles and knowing glances I exchange with Mistress Blanche, as well as the various explanations, quickly make me realize that the game is far, far from won in advance, and I'll need to show stamina.

The principle is relatively simple: after a roll of the die, one of the dice indicates the number of squares to be covered, and the other the time for the activity drawn on the square you've reached. My companion gets the ball rolling and does... anything. I laugh inwardly at our totally different approaches. I'm very concentrated, and very eager to mix activities I like, while he's rather detached, in another world, and above all hasn't listened to a word I've said. I'm surprised he doesn't get a slap for his insolence... (my dominette side, as Maitresse Blanche would say whenever I'm in the company of other submissives).

First test for him in any case: holding a kneeling position on grains of rice laid out on the ground for 3 minutes. It doesn't seem that difficult, and yet... arriving on the same square but having to stay there for 5 minutes, I understand after about 30 seconds that the ordeal is difficult and that each square will be "memorable".

I said you'd have to have stamina. This is certainly true of this game, as no sooner has the little hourglass finished counting down the long moment, than you're invited to roll the dice again under pressure from two Dominatrixes eager to continue. There's no time to rest, no time to collect your wits (I really like this fastplay aspect and think it fits the game perfectly).

Before each roll, I carefully observe each square, count the number that would be most comfortable, blow on the dice, throw them... only to find that my legendary bad luck is still at work. Landing on the "crop" 6 square, the verdict was in: 6 paddle strokes. Well, 6 from each Dominatrix, who put their heart and soul into their work and are particularly generous, both in terms of intensity and number of floggings. I soon realize that, while the rules have been established, the Mistresses of the game are also the Mistresses of the situation, and can take pleasure in departing from them at any time.

The further I advance on this little plateau, the more excited and happy I am to be playing, and the more physically tired I feel. The game is intense. No time to breathe. No time to think. But plenty of time to endure and suffer... There are a few moments when I can breathe, such as when I'm invited to worship Madame Inanna's feet while my companion is fingered by my Mistress.

I apply all the technique I've learned from my Mistress's education to Madame Inanna's pretty feet (strangely enough, I didn't look at the hourglass as much on this test 🙂 ). I receive a compliment that warms my heart.

It was my only breath. Every square to come will be a torture, but a torture so exciting :

Pegging Then it was my turn to be searched for long minutes. The energy Madame Innana expended to dilate my "pretty little ass" could not have been more impressive. I look at my Mistress during the search, to show her how grateful I am. I live the moment like never before. The search was different from anything I'd experienced before (my tumor could have exploded under the stimulation, lecherous as I am).

Tickle fists bound, at the mercy of Maîtresse Blanche who loves to tickle me (although Maîtresse, you probably haven't quite figured out which parts of my body are most vulnerable to tickling yet: I'll leave you to find out, I know you will:).

suck it When I saw Madame Inanna putting on her belted dildo (I remember one of the phrases she used when we first met: "You're a good sucker, Julia. Next time you come, we'll take two of you and Blanche. I'm sure you'll be drooling with envy.

Suffice to say, I'm really looking forward to it. But for now, it's a new experience and an initiation to deep throat that awaits me. I worship Madame Inanna's dildo, applying myself as best I can, alternating licks and thrusts for long minutes. Once again I don't look at the hourglass...


After feeling his phallus titillate my glottis, I'm immediately called upon to roll the dice again. My bad luck starts all over again: back to start. Just as I'd got about halfway through the board and was beginning to see the possibility of going all the way... I roll the dice again. U minable 1: for 6 minutes, testicular elongation using weights.

Madame Inanna tied my little balls and then added a few weights as I went along. While the beginning went well, the rest was more difficult. My Mistress approached me, positioned herself right behind me and then began to give me a taste of her bonus: the torture of my nipples. This torture usually has an immediate effect on my tumor. And this time proved it once again.

I go into subspace, revelling in the pain inflicted. On the verge of ecstasy, and once my nipples have become quite sensitive, I receive a rain of slaps on my nipples. I try to escape but am held back by my Mistress's firm hand. I'm on the verge of cracking, feeling a sudden form of violence. I'm proud of it. I have the impression that Mistress Blanche wants to push me a little further, because she knows I can go even further, surpass myself. At least that's what I understand.

pinces tetons

Unfortunately, there's not enough time to play much longer, and I'm invited to choose one last activity from the board without rolling the dice. Exhausted, I realize that all the squares tend to scare me and I clearly don't know which one to choose. Madame Inanna, jerking off the weights that had remained attached to my testicles, chose for me: electricity, she said calmly. "Stand along the wall and don't move.

She comes back smiling with a purple wand: "You look at me, you don't look down, you don't look away, you look at me". The electric shocks are such that I find it hard not to close my eyes, hard not to flee Madame Innana's inquisitive gaze. It's a torture I can't control. I rarely look people in the eye. It's even rarer for me to watch someone torture me. When I do, I blink inopportunely as a form of protection...

Maîtresse Blanche, delighted to be able to try out this instrument on her little Julia, quickly took over (much to my delight). I'm still looking at the little mark you've left on my little tumor with this object ;). The game ends. I'm exhausted, overwhelmed but totally won over by the experience.

Bravo to both of you for this unforgettable moment. We can feel that you have enjoy playing together. But that doesn't surprise me. From what I know of you, I can safely say that you're really good people (it sounds a bit stupid to say it, but I want to tell you anyway). Even beyond your Dominatrix side, as human beings. And it's a real pleasure to have met you. I hope this game of InannaPoly wasn't my last, and that I'll be allowed to come back and play some day.

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