7 scaled 1 La crainte et l’excitation

Fear and excitement

A first time.

I'm 46 years old and since my youth, I've been very attracted to BDSM games, especially impact games, but never dared to take the plunge. I've been looking at the Inanna Justice website for several months, and taking advantage of a trip to Paris, I decided to get in touch with Madame. An appointment was made for May XX at 3.00 pm.

In the meantime, on the appointed day and at the appointed time, I'm torn by 2 different feelings: fear and excitement.

Finally, the big day arrives, but unfortunately I've misunderstood the address. I hurried through the streets of Paris and finally arrived in front of his apartment, but 20 minutes late.

Although she immediately put me at ease and took the time to chat, she nevertheless pointed out that I was 20 minutes late and that I should be severely punished for it. The verdict was in: 20 minutes late equals 20 punishments.

She starts by putting the collar on me as a mark of submission and begins by pinching my breasts. Then we head for the spanking bench, where she tells me that I'm going to take several blows from 20 different instruments of increasing hardness. We start with a manual spanking of varying strength. Then comes the turn of different whips and badines. Then I'm released from the bench, only to find myself tied to the cross of Saint Andrew. I'm hit again with whips, various swifts, birches (English yards) and finally, the ultimate in English discipline, I'm given six strokes of the cane, an authentic six of the best.

When I got back on the train, my buttocks reminded me of that wonderful moment. I kept the marks on my buttocks for 2 days.

I really don't regret having met Madame and I'm sure I'll be in touch with her again very soon, hoping she'll be as strict or even more authoritarian.