23 Minutes

Traffic in the Paris region is always unpredictable, I should know.

23 minutes.

About ten minutes before the deadline, I abdicate and send a message announcing that I'm late. I really hate this and swear behind this Passat that didn't understand that the light was green.

And so, for the second time, I enter the Justice Room 23 minutes late. Madame Inanna greets me, counts up my delay but lets me catch my breath: her dungeon has to be earned, five floors up a steeply ascending street.

23 minutes

I hand her the thick letter my wife asked me to give her. Of course I don't know what's in it. The letter stays on the table until I'm in the bathroom.

The ritual is established: a quick shower and I'm on my knees in the bathroom, warning her that I'm at her command. I hear a great burst of laughter and Madame says: "I really like your wife's ideas". My goodness! I'm not sure I do...

Collar, mask, I'm leash-trained in the dungeon. 23 minutes late will be the number of the day. But Madame starts with my breasts. This will be one of the themes of the afternoon. She plucks a few hairs from my chest and stuffs them in my mouth. Then she takes off my mask and shows me, with her big mischievous smile, my wife's first gift: a little white kit containing five tweezers, which Madame Inanna hurries to inaugurate.

First session: bare-handed spanking, of course 23. God, I love it. Then she hits my balls: much more painful even if it's still bearable. My wife's second "good idea": ice cubes up the ass... cold, but is it unpleasant? To ask the question is to answer it... what's also pleasant is Madame twirling around me, laughing, laughing and pulling out a few hairs.... I look at the phone filming the session and even if I say to my wife  I think deep down that I love her and am delighted by this complicity with Madame...

Saucissonné, Madame ties me to the cross. My ass takes 23 strokes with fine canes... I lose track of things with variations in pain...

Dominatrice Paris

Then Madame, mischievously, announces that it's time for a snack... Naive, I don't see it coming... Third gift from my wife to Madame Inanna: some kibble normally destined for the house's two feline slavers.... In fact, cat food doesn't taste like much, but when Madame spits chocolate porridge into my bowl, the pleasure of being on all fours, ass offered up, eating right out of the bowl is immense. The pleasure of humiliation...

Last scene... already? How time flies. I'm tied up on the bench, ass offered up. The 23 strokes on the soles of my feet hurt, very hurt. Then the whip: "for the marks" says Madame, "so your wife can enjoy them" ... painful, I count, screaming each bite... thank you Madame... a moment of rest and Madame presents me with a belted dildo. I suck on it before she makes me come when she sodomizes me...

I'm slowly coming back to earth

When's the next one?

Waiting is also fun.

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