A delicious interlude

Part 1 - The beginnings of an encounter

First of all, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to Inanna Justice for accepting my application and kindly granting me the opportunity of a meeting, preceded by an online exchange, to prepare it under the best possible auspices. This initial contact enabled me to appreciate the extent of her professionalism. She's quick to put you at ease, dispelling the doubts and procrastination that can precede a leap into the unknown. 

As far as I was concerned, I wasn't a complete neophyte when it came to BDSM. I had already had the opportunity to learn about it through various articles and testimonials. I had also experimented with the practice with another mistress a few years ago. However, my experience was still very limited, and I knew that contacting Madame meant experiencing submission on an entirely different scale. From the outset, I opted for a three-hour session, so that she could give me a run for my money. 

My encounter with Inanna was an unforgettable experience. Deliberately trapped in her expert hands, I enjoyed her sadism and imagination to the full, as well as her infectious warmth and good humor. It was an experience that conveyed embarrassment and suffering, as well as exhilaration and pleasure, combined with a certain kind of gentleness. 

Madame Justice is a Domina who knows how to play on your heartstrings, taking particular care to let her hands roam your body and make you shiver, in anticipation and in ignorance of the fate she's about to reserve for you, between sensual caresses and merciless pinches, between delicate touch and firm grip, unless you end up overcome by the torment of tickling. Her scratches can be painful as well as pleasurable. She knows how to alternate between hot and cold, literally and figuratively. 

It was a particularly enjoyable session, but the intensity of the experience seems to have inhibited my mental faculties somewhat, and I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies that may appear in my account. 

Part 2 - A moment suspended in time

I arrived at the appointed hour, bringing with me a perfume as a gift. Madame offered me a glass of water and I gave her the offering. She then sent me to the bathroom to shower and get ready. A black thong was left for me. I was glad she'd remembered my attraction to undergarments that exposed and emphasized my attributes even more than full nudity would. As for Mistress Inanna, she wore a superb outfit that perfectly embraced her curves and magnified her incandescent beauty. 

Once the thong was on, at her request, I got down on my knees and knocked on the door. She picked me up and ordered me to follow her to her dungeon. There were a variety of objects and installations, suggesting an infinite number of possibilities: a St. Andrew's cross, a cage, chains and so on. Inanna began by fastening my wrists, before later encircling my neck in a leather collar, marking her hold. 

Her reputation as a "tactile Dominatrix" was fully justified. Right from the start, she told me it was possible to caress her hips and shoulders, while she proceeded to touch me in ways that were sometimes pleasurable, sometimes painful, though also "pleasurable" in their own way. With a mistress of this calibre, the dichotomy between pain and pleasure no longer existed, and the boundaries became porous. She also had an extremely communicative way of expressing the satisfaction she derived from the sessions she lavished and the abuse she inflicted, laughing at my expense, but always in jubilation.

I soon found myself with my wrist restraints attached to chains hanging from the ceiling, entirely at her mercy (or rather, lack of it). Madame had a field day, whether it was rubbing my body with a kind of glove that felt like scratching, violently grabbing my buttocks or martyring my nipples, in other words my Achilles heel. She grabbed them repeatedly, when she wasn't applying clamps connected to a chain that exerted tension. 

Inanna also played with my senses, making me sniff a material impregnated with her intoxicating scent while depriving me of sight. The loss of visual perception also tended to amplify the sensation of touch, which she cleverly exploited. Trapped in the restraints, I was forced to change my posture, increasingly exposed to the vices and delights of my mistress, with growing excitement, despite a certain difficulty in containing myself in the face of alternating tickling and pain. I tried to keep up appearances by playing it down and suggesting that she was still far from having pushed me to my limits, but the truth was that I wasn't doing very well. As for my future torturer, she continued to tease me with pleasure, both in word and deed. 

Once "freed", for a short time only, I was immediately subjected to another form of restraint, kneeling on a prickly surface, while Madame added increasingly heavy chains to my shoulders. To spice up the game a little and increase the difficulty, she continued to play with my body, ordering me to remain motionless, as the jingling of the chains would earn me future punishment, which of course it did. I realized then that bondage could take the most unexpected forms. 

I then had to stand up and position myself in front of the St. Andrew's cross, on which I was about to spend an inordinate amount of time. Inanna Justice not only bound my hands and feet, but also my arms and legs with intermediate ties, keeping me firmly moored to this instrument of torment, with my mobility virtually reduced to nothing. In addition, my mouth was obstructed by a ball gag lined with a phallus that could have lent itself to an entirely different game. For me, this was one of the most striking and exhilarating moments of the session. I was treated to a therapy similar to what I'd endured up to that point, with touching, scratching, pinching, tickling and sensory deprivation, but the intensity had clearly been turned up a notch. 

These various festivities were further enriched by the practice of flogging. Mistress Inanna stroked my shoulders with her whip before giving free rein to her desires, sparing nothing on my right side. The straps first targeted my back, but the impact seemed very muted and I imagined myself able to endure hours of this treatment. However, the strikes became more precise and the pain more intense, concentrated on my posterior. Given the difference I could feel, I thought at the time that Madame had opted for fine chopsticks, but I later learned that this was not the case. 

It was getting harder and harder to remain stoic, and I couldn't help fidgeting, hemmed in by my bonds, much to Inanna's delight. She instructed me to list out loud the number of impacts up to a hundred, counting the hits received and counting those to come. The exercise was made all the more delicate by the gag that prevented me from articulating, as I couldn't help drooling, not to mention my impaired concentration. Fortunately, I didn't have to go all the way, as halfway through, the exercise stopped. 

Madame finally removed my restraints, but again the pause was short-lived. She got me down on all fours and into the cage, which she then padlocked. Once I'd put on my gloves, Inanna challenged me to put together two separate pieces of a diamond-shaped puzzle, with the added complications of having my hands covered in oil and being completely at the mercy of my mistress's pinches and assaults. In truth, even without these obstacles, I wouldn't have been able to assemble what seemed within the reach of a child. In addition to my lack of puzzle talent, I felt as if my brain had somehow shut down, given what had gone before. 

Despite Madame's thorough preparation, this was the low point of the session, because I was no longer in the right frame of mind, which temporarily "took me out" of the BDSM context. I think it's important to point out that at certain moments, regardless of the willingness of both participants (submissive and Domina) to get involved in role-playing, it can happen that fantasy comes up against practical reality, or that a disturbance temporarily breaks the immersion we're looking for. 

Fortunately, this didn't last long, as Inanna knew just the right moment to cut this part short and bounce back perfectly. Since I hadn't passed the test, she informed me that I was in danger of being punished all the more harshly and cruelly. Several possibilities were mentioned, such as public exposure or the obligation to wear a chastity cage for as long as she wished. To tell the truth, I found either of these potential outcomes extremely exciting. On the more rewarding side, Madame also suggested the possibility of one of her friends turning up unexpectedly. Finally, even if this cage experience wasn't as convincing as I'd hoped, I could easily imagine being locked up there for a long time. 

But for the time being, I would have to meditate on my fate, awaiting my punishment. Having somehow obtained the key and exited the cage, Mistress Inanna made me stand upright and ordered me to keep my arms at my sides and my legs together as I spun around, applying what appeared to be vinyl tape in preparation for a beautiful mummification, which she was able to complete once I'd lain down. I appreciated her delicacy and the precautions she took to avoid any accident or shock, making me sit against the wall before "carrying" me to the floor. I found myself engulfed in a kind of cocoon, like a caterpillar about to be devoured, unless I was reborn transfigured by the experience. I was again deprived of visual perception. 

The wait seemed long. I learned at the end of the session, however, that Madame had only left me to my fate for fifteen minutes or so. I can't imagine what that would mean over longer sessions, with the loss of notions of time and space. 

Inanna was playing with her claws all over my mummified body. The sensation of touch was strange, but far from unpleasant. She then set about gradually tearing away the cocoon from which I was trapped and restoring my sight. Once again, I was able to appreciate her beauty at my leisure, with the added benefit of a nice low angle under her dress. 

Nevertheless, I was still far from free to move. The most exposed area was concentrated around my lower abdomen and thighs. After repeatedly brushing her hands over my erect penis, which was cramped in my underwear, Madame went straight to the point and pulled down my thong. I was still on the floor with my sex exposed. I was now about to experience the joys of the vibrator, which was a very unusual sensation for me and turned out to be a wonderful discovery. Given the context and the effect of the sextoy, my arousal picked up again. But I was still a long way from being allowed to cum, and had no idea what was in store for me.

The moments that followed were the final touch to a session that had been maintained at a high level of intensity up to that point. Madame undid the rest of my restraints and I was left completely naked, apart from the collar and ties I'd worn since entering the dungeon. Mistress Inanna applied oil to my chest and lit several candles. Then she began to pour the hot wax. The first droplets were immediately accompanied by a burning sensation, and once again I found it hard to hold still. Despite what I perceived via a distorting and highly exaggerated prism as a deluge of fire, I held on in spite of everything, but I knew at that moment that my mistress had pushed my limits to an unprecedented level. My heart rate and breathing had accelerated abruptly, but though trying, the session was truly memorable. 

Madame began to remove the wax with surprising ease, explaining that she'd deliberately spread the oil to avoid a laborious and painful waxing after using the candle. I guess she thought that was enough for today. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the way she managed to combine spontaneity with high-flying professionalism. 

I could feel that the three hours programmed with Inanna were about to come to an end, but the Dominatrix had one last surprise in store for me, as I could guess as she laid me down on a towel. Madame positioned herself on top of me and sprayed me copiously with her hot urine. Having practiced the scorched earth method, Mistress Inanna was now drenching me with a saving golden rain. The excitement was back in full swing. Madame demanded that I continue to masturbate. I was allowed to go all the way, on condition that I swallow my sperm. Under her encouragement, I reached a truly ecstatic orgasm. With her gloved hands, Inanna retrieved a mixture of semen and urine with her fingertips, which she made me taste. Once again, it was an extraordinary experience compared to anything I'd ever experienced.

Part 3 - Back to reality

Just as I had come out of my cocoon, I now had to leave the delicious parenthesis that had been this session in Inanna Justice's dungeon. She told me I'd better wait until I'd recovered from my emotions and come to my senses before getting up. Once this was done, I headed for the bathroom to take another shower and gradually let the tension subside. But I knew that this extraordinary experience would stay with me for a long time, beyond anything I'd ever fantasized about. 

This was followed by a short debrief with Madame. She confirmed that she, too, had enjoyed the session and had had a good time, as her reactions had suggested. I really enjoyed this conversation, which highlighted her intelligence and personality. 

We had the opportunity to talk about a wide range of subjects related to the world of BDSM, from the different profiles she could come across among the submissives who came to her door, to the importance of feeling during a session, even more than the range of potential practices, to her personal trajectory and the way she had entered this milieu, her various projects and the practical aspects linked to the shoots she had done on location. Then came the more general themes of sexuality, gender stereotypes and the gradual evolution of mentalities, such as the success of drag queen shows. I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I ended up taking the conversation to global warming and our prospects for the future, with relative optimism. 

At last, I had to get ready to leave and return to the real world. I can't thank Madame enough for giving me this unforgettable moment. Being a prisoner in her lair for a while was one of the most beautiful escapes I've ever experienced. Looking forward to seeing you again. 

Submitted C.