Doctor’s Orders

I am fortunate to have reached the age of 51 without significant needs to consult, and have possibly been rather remiss when it comes to medical checkups.

But the time had come – and I was due for the full one (men are supposed to be « fully » checked from 50 onwards from what I hear).

I identified Dr. Justice as an appropriate English speaking professional in Paris.

After sending a full application online, Dr. Justice confirmed that she would be able to provide me with the appropriate checkup and possible treatments if necessary.

An initial video consultation was scheduled.

The questions the Doctor asked during that initial consultation were rather intimate, and although I was fully dressed and only my face was visible, I felt vulnerable and almost as if I were undressed in front of Dr. Justice whose eyes were looking straight trough mine almost into my soul.

I hadn’t had sex or any release for a few days, and I knew I would need to keep focused, so the morning before the video appointment I released the pressure in my groin, so as to avoid excessive « tensions » during the video meeting.

Ever since medical exams at school during my teen years in particular, I had always been very concerned I may have an erection in the presence of the Doctor especially if the Doctor were to be a beautiful, sexy woman.

And in view of the looks of Dr. Justice and the nature of our discussions, it was a wise move indeed.

I asked for instructions prior to the appointment that was due 3 days later in her offices: no particular instructions, but in response to my specific question, the Doctor indicated that if possible I was to avoid ejaculating until then.

I have had various occasional detailed medical exams over the years, and some doctors had required that I « empty my balls » several times before the appointment, to come as « dry as possible », while others had required several days abstinence.

And I had even once been requested to arrive with “full balls” and a full bladder.

None of this, just if possible avoid ejaculating.

This may seem easy to most who are beyond 50, but in reality when stress prior to such a meeting sets in, a quickie or even a jock off session really calms me down and helps me fall asleep the night before the appointment.

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep much the night before the medical exam…

It was set for 11a.m. three days later.

I left plenty of time so that I could arrive sufficiently early to be able to sit down at a café nearby and drink a Perrier. But as often in Paris, a bit of rain can interfere with any plans, and instead of having over 30 minutes early, I only had a few minutes to spare.

At exactly 11 a.m. I was in front of the building entrance and my phone rang, with code and floor.

After climbing the stairs I was led into the offices of Dr. Justice.

What a sight! The Doctor was just so… dare I say… sexy… wearing a white medical gown and a black dress underneath, at least I assumed from what was visible.

Before I could finish gawking, I was sent to wash my hands before a standard medical interrogation: date of birth, antecedents, current ailments, etc. followed immediately by her checking my neck while moving so close to me I could feel her breath down my neck and in my ears.

Since I still had my shirt on (Dr. Justice had not required that I remove it, and thought it advisable to avoid any initiatives), she started to unbutton it herself, while slipping her hands onto my torso feeling my chest and pinching my tits, searching for any disorders.

Once Dr. Justice had removed my shirt, she listened to my heart and breathing with her stethoscope. My heart must have been racing, especially since she had just been breathing almost into my ears one after the other, so close I even thought she must have licked my neck near my ears and even my ears themselves, but I suspect my imagination was at work and this was not reality.

If I had not been in a Doctor’s office, I would now have been misinterpreting the situation imagining a beautiful girl groping and playing with my balls and dick that started to harden despite being extremely intimidated. In fact this was just a medical check over my pants. Very quickly Dr. Justice removed pants and boxer to examine « matters » in more detail. I was now nude in front of the sexiest Doctor one could ever imagine. When the Doctor put on latex gloves, I figured out this was at once going to be very direct.

How embarrassing having this young beautiful Doctor handling my most intimate parts that were rising yet again to attention… followed by an even more intimate exam : my butthole !

I knew to expect a prostate exam, but when the moment really comes and the Doctor’s magnificent eyes were staring straight into mine as she inserted one, then two fingers into my anus, I really felt intimidated. Being looked into my eyes seemed even more intimate than if she had been staring at my privates or butt while penetrating me.

Doctor Justice turned away and reached for new equipment, but did not indicate what may be wrong or which were the following exams she may require. But she obviously felt it was necessary to clean my « insides ».

Back she comes with a clyster: small and easy going but how embarrassing to have this gorgeous girl (oops Doctor) insert the catheter and press on the bag to push the fluid into my rectum while yet again staring straight into my eyes, which really felt so intense! Was the intense feeling from the physical side of the enema or from her gaze into my brain through my eyes ?

Yet this was not the most embarrassing part : the Doctor now accompanied me to the toilet, had me sit down, and told me to expel while she was physically touching me (feeling my neck) and staring straight into my eyes, as if she could perform a medical almost be reading my bios this way.

Since potty age, this is only the second time I had had to poo in front of someone, the previous time was also in front of a Doctor, but who was at a much larger distance !

I thought the matter was now over : I had forgotten that I should not be thinking when in the presence of Doctor Justice who knows better than I do !

On Doctor’s orders, I am now standing nude in the middle of the shower, facing the wall, legs apart, slightly bent forward with my hands against the wall.

In comes another catheter into my anus followed by another dose of liquid, then back to the toilet with Doctor Justice still observing as I expel, back to the shower for a third dose up my butt in the same conditions, and back to the toilet.

This time I am ordered to empty myself completely, then shower and knock on the door when I am clean and dry.

Doctor Justice now leaves me sitting on the toilet and closes the door behind her.

I hear noises next door but have no idea of what is going on.

When I am clean and allowed back into the consultation room, strangely embarrassed to be nude despite the fact that I have been nude for quite some time now, I discover what the noise had been : Doctor Justice had put straps onto the exam table, obviously to tie me down.

I promised to behave and not move, stupidly hoping not to be tied up.

Absolutely pointless.

The strapping was done quite expertly by the Doctor so that she may continue her treatments without risk of interference. She tested the sensitivity of my nipples by pinching them (generating a reaction in my cock which began to rise to attention) feeling all around and in depth my pecs then back to pinching my nipples before snapping on a peg or clamp on each one.

They sent bouts of pain running all through my body, and I assume I must now have sort of fainted, dozed off or entered some sort of dream mode even though what follows felt so real… but I was obviously just imagining, wishing or dreaming…

… Doctor Justice removes her white medical gown, and instead of having the black sexy dress I remembered from when I first arrived, she was now wearing a black lace bodysuit. She tells me that she now needs an orgasm before she can proceed with my medical…

… but then why did she strap me down??? I could be so much more helpful with my hands and body free… maybe she enjoys facesitting and just wants to straddle my face while I am strapped on my back so that I lick her to an orgasm?

… Even in my dream this is obviously not going to happen. Instead Doctor Justice grabs a Magicwand, stands next to me with one leg bent at the knee and lifted onto the exam table next to me and applies the very strong vibrator to her bodysuit just where her clit would be… I asked her to remove her bodysuit, or at least show me her pussy, but even in my fantasy she refused… I managed to wiggle a couple of fingers onto her right nipple and start paying with it as she put two fingers of her left hand in my mouth just before her body began to shake as she had a beautiful orgasm…

Although I thought I had been awake through this exciting but frustrating episode, my dreaming was obviously over as Doctor Justice stared gently at me as she removed the first clamp from my right nipple.

Strangely, removing the clamps sent even stronger pain through my body than putting them on. The pain started at that nipple running through down to my groin and then thighs. And matters got even worse when she needed to check my nipple in greater detail once the clamp was removed, by pressing and pinching it !

But there was another clamp on the other side… and removing it, then checking it without the clamp on was even more painful than for the first nipple, which seemed to intrigue or rather amuse the Doctor.

By now, she felt my nipples needed further treatment and the Doctor put both pegs back on. This sent new boosts of pain from my nipples at first to my whole body !

If I thought that was frightening, it was just that I hadn’t yet realized quite what the situation entailed lying nude on my back but strapped to the table… This is when Doctor Justice showed me a long metal sound that seemed miles too large when the Doctor explained to me it was going to be inserted into my cock (not sure that was the word she used though – she may have used medical style vocabulary). Very stupidly and with no result, I pleaded that she avoid this new treatment. No luck! I now hoped I could doze off until the end of the treatment so as not to suffer during the sounding.

Doctor’s latex covered hand grabbed my dick while she positioned the sound at the tip of my cock and gently let it glide down just using gravity and no pressure.

Quite an experience!

But that was not all : she then slowly lifted it up and let it down again several times, almost as if my urethra was some sort of pussy being masturbated by a dildo (the sound) !

Strange sensations indeed, a mixture of prickling, tickling and pleasure.

Then Doctor took it right out, and I relaxed.

But at once she started the whole process over with two different sounds, one after the other.

In all she used three different types of sounds. I remember the Rosebud (I used to think they were only for another body part…) and I think the Hegar.

No idea what the third one was – I must admit I tried to focus on the sensations, not the look of these terrifying instruments… Indeed the sensations had nothing to do with what I was expecting out of the process when looking at the instruments.

By the time the third sound was removed, my cock was getting quite into form, and just then the Doctor felt that electrotherapy was now required.

MEDFET doctor bdsm

I was hoping an electric sound would be inserted into my rectum because on a previous occasion this had brought on huge pleasure.

Instead of this, patch after patch my dick, and not butt, was prepared for this new treatment.

Terrifying moment knowing what was about to happen to this very sensitive part of my body, but by now is it still my body or has Doctor Justice taken control of it ?

And then the shocking starts, very discreet at first, but rather direct considering the number of nerve endings I have just where the patches were carefully placed.

As the shocking increased, I could feel the sweat increase on my forehead. Then the stinging moved to strong biting !

Dr. Justice looked straight into my eyes once again, with a malicious look this time, and said : “You thought you could just freely play with my breast earlier on, or that I would forget what you did?”

I realized two things just the : (1) despite being strapped down and dozing, my hands did actually touch my Doctor, and (2) never mess with Dr. Justice.

Just as I thought I may need to ask for a pause or to be more precise mercy, Doctor Justice reduced the shocks and unplugged my dick, as if she could read my current limit.

At this stage, the Doctor decided to manually stimulate my dick in order to check the sensitivity and reactions of my manhood, after this intense electro stimulation. I was already so excited that this new stimulation almost brought me to ejaculation, and I did my best to avoid this. In reality since this was a medical exam, with an obviously annoyed Doctor considering the way I behaved earlier on, so she stopped before any explosion of fluids could occur : my only escape was in reality the decision of the Doctor not my lousy attempt to control the situation.

By then it was time to remove the clamps from my nipples which were now almost painless. But removing them caused major rushes of pain in my tits, and the pain moved all the way down to my groin and then thighs, worsened by Doctor Justice’s pressure applied manually to my nipples which she seemed to find amusing despite my complaints. From a medical point of view Doctor Justice seemed again intrigued by the fact that my left nipple was even more sensitive than the right one.

My balls had not suffered too badly during most of this period.

But, obviously, the Doctor needed to make sure all was in order, and decided to isolate them from the rest of my body in order to examine them in detail.

To do so she placed an extremely tight elastic band around them.

The elastic band was so tight that a special set of pliers was required to put it in place.

What a terrifying experience, seeing the elastic band placed between 3 spikes on the pliers. When the pliers were put into action, the spikes separated, enlarging the opening of the elastic band. One after the other, my nuts went through the elastic band, then the pliers were released, and the elastic band shrank fiercely around my balls.

The pain was violent, but fortunately over the next 20 minutes it gradually seemed to disappear.

medical fetish

After thorough examination, all sorts of treatments were applied to my dick and balls during this time, including some that brought me to a high level of excitement, which is quite surprising considering the situation, still being strapped down and with this strong pain in my groin.

Being strapped down seemed, in a strange way, relaxing after a while. This was definitely not relaxing at first. Indeed the straps were a source of anxiety since I was a prisoner, so vulnerable, totally exposed and unable to move. Over time there were many added sources of stress such as the various treatments I had no choice about other to suffer through in silence or as silent as possible.

But as time passed, knowing I could do nothing to get free or avoid the medical choices of the Doctor, created all sorts of strange mixed feelings such as frights, pain, excitement, and even moments of pleasure (just the end of a specific treatment could mean a certain degree of pleasure!).

In a way, having no say about matters was possibly a source of comfort after all.

My balls were probably turning blue by now (no way to see them being strapped down) and the Doctor decided to remove the elastic band before any damage to my balls would occur, and I was so grateful for her caring about them – although she was the one who put me in this very uncomfortable and dangerous situation!

The elastic band was so tight that it actually needed to be cut off. To do so, Doctor Justice inserted a pair of scissors between my scrotum and the elastic band, which was both terrifying and painful. Just as with my tits, the removal of the elastics band after 20 minutes of no or very limited blood flow, sent fresh intense waves of pain through my groin and body !

Satisfied with the result, Doctor Justice now started to unstrap me. The process was relatively long, and allowed me to come to my senses and back to full reality.

Once I was free she instructed me to get on all fours.

Although the Doctor had already examined me in all possible positions, including seeing me totally nude on the toilet, inserting fingers up my rectum or manipulating my cock and balls while I was strapped down totally nude, the change of position from lying down to being on all fours made me self conscious again, especially since she was looking attentively at me while putting on latex gloves.

And in came her fingers or other devices, my mind went rather blank for a while, my prostate feeling strange sensations I am not really used to, while the Doctor was checking the reactions of my cock.

I was doing my best not to come and warned the Doctor about the imminent situation, when she said something like it is over and that I can relax.

As the Doctor said that, I think I must have had a rush in my whole body knowing I was now free, and sort of blanked.

Had I cum ? It definitely felt that way – and even like an orgasm miles stronger than usual.

But that was probably just my imagination at play again and the liquid around my cock and on the exam table must just be medical gel.

If I had ejaculated I would probably not be feeling so energetic now, and this was a professional Doctor.

Doctor Justice had me lie down on my back on the exam table so that she could let me relax a moment and check my vitals again.

When she was satisfied all was in order, she sent me off to get dressed after a shower should I want one, which I definitely did!

By the time I was clean and dressed, Doctor Justice was waiting for me in her consultation room that showed no trace of me having just been there for a couple of hours.

She offered me a drink and debriefed the appointment before I parted feeling so energized.

The high level of energy lasted for a few days, just as the pain in my nipples as anything brushed or pressed against them, serving as a reminder of the consultation that I had attended.

Obviously I can only very strongly recommend that those who may be feeling a little low or who are due for a checkup, consult with Doctor Justice !

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