Gang Bangs: A Feminist Vision

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My Introduction to Gang Bangs

A few years ago, if you had told me that I would be interested in gang bangs, I would have told you that you were insane. Then I met someone who gave me a completely different perspective on them.

I met J at a munch (an event where kinky-minded people go to meet each other) and then a few days later, ran into him at a play party. He was a bit shy and stood alone, quietly watching the beautiful choreography that happens at a BDSM soirée.

I had a bit of a hard time reading him, so I decided to make some small talk and find out a bit about this curious fellow. We chatted about this and that and I found out that he was a photographer. It was at the beginning of my career as a Pro Domme, so I asked if he’d be interested in taking some photos for my website. He graciously accepted and we set a date for a few days later.

He had a place lined up for us to do our photo shoot, a big industrial loft in the 20e arrondissement of Paris. I had been there for a few events, so already knew the space. But I didn’t know how he knew of the space, as I had never seen him at any parties prior to the week before.

“I’ve been coming here for, uh, ummm… some events,” he timidly muttered.

“Oh yeah? What events? I don’t remember ever seeing you at anything here.”

“Well, um… Gang bangs,” he finally blurted out.

“What, really?!” I asked, not able to hide my surprise and disdain.

This sweet guy is one of those egotistical jerks that gets off on objectifying women? I think to myself.

“Yeah, I think gang bangs are really beautiful. The woman is the center of attention, it’s all about pleasing her, making sure that she’s satisfied…”

Hmmm, well, I’ve never thought about it that way…

As my readers know, I’m a very open-minded person, so I decided to dig deeper on the subject. J and I became close and each time we discussed gang bangs, my views on them slowly began to change. I read a couple of blogs on the subject and how they are set up.

Pre-show logistics and consent

Generally speaking, an organizer is contacted by a heterosexual couple who wants to live out this fantasy. While much of the preparation can be done in the presence of the boyfriend/husband, the host will set a time to speak to the woman without her partner around. This is to ensure that she is not being coerced into doing something that she’s not 100% into. As we all know, peer pressure can be a real bitch, especially coming from a horny partner. I was glad to learn that there was a safety valve for the woman to opt-out.

According to one organizer, he has had to cancel events when he had the feeling that the woman wasn’t fully into the idea. Instead of telling the boyfriend, he will make up an excuse why he has decided to not follow through with the gang bang so that there will not be any backlash between the couple later. Very cool.

Once the couple and the host have set a date, it is up to the organizer to find suitable gang-bangers. There is a screening process for the guests, as well. It’s not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry that gets invited to these events. A good event host has a little black book with his best “performers”: the ones that show up on time with a big smile and smelling good, never talk back, don’t get pushy when there’s eight guys lined up to serve a woman (yes, I deliberately use the term “serve” her). From this address book, the organizer can select the ones that are best suited to the couples needs and desires.

I spoke with Pamy, who has been organizing gang bangs since 2012  about his protocol in casting. He told me that when a new guy applies to attend an event, he has a phone call to reiterate what is explicitly written on his website. This is so that Pamy has a better idea of who the person is, and is able to filter out those who, for example, may not have the woman’s’ best interests in mind.

He explained that he never allows more than one or two new guys for every 10 regulars to a gang bang. The others are men that have previously attended events and have proven their worth. He claims that this is one of the most valuable tools in discouraging bad behavior. If the new guy shows up and sees all that the others know each other, the newbie is going to be a lot less likely to bring any negativity to the scene. Pamy knows that he can count on his loyal crew to keep their eyes open for any bad behavior and inform him so that he can act accordingly.

Knowing that there is so much care taken to ensure that everyone is safe before a gang bang really helped me see things differently. It’s not much different than a BDSM scene: consent and respect are the keys to everything going smoothly.

Pamy spoke to me briefly about single women who contact him to organize an event. He said that the preparation is even more intense, as she doesn’t have the safety net of a partner. He spends more time carefully selecting which men will participate based on her preferences. He proposes that they meet to discuss prior to the event so that he can ensure that he’s done everything in his power to make sure things are up to her standards and that she will be treated with the utmost respect and care.

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Inanna’s Gang Bang

One day when I was talking to J, I blurted out that I wanted a gang bang, but not a traditional one. I wanted an all-girl gang bang. I hadn’t really thought too much about it, but it came out of my mouth. Over the next few months, we casually chatted about it, but I didn’t think much more of it. It was just a fantasy for me, one that I could do or not do, just like a lot of the other fantasies living in my perverse head.

Around my birthday, J tells me to block off an evening in my calender. I do so, thinking that he’s got us tickets for the theater or a nice dinner planned. Throughout the day, he keeps sending me cryptic messages and doesn’t stop asking how I’m feeling. I have no idea what’s up, but play along.

He tells me to go home, take a long bath, have one glass of wine but no more, get dressed for a sexy evening, and be ready for a chauffeur to pick me up at 7pm. I trust him wholeheartedly, so I oblige and don’t ask any questions.

At 7pm, I’m in front of my apartment building and an Uber pulls up.

“Are you Inanna,” the driver asks.

“Yes, I am,” I reply.

“And the address is 123 Rue de Machin Truc in Montreuil?”

My heart leaps into my throat. I know that address. It’s a well-known spot for, you guessed it, gang bangs.

I’m someone that rarely gets nervous. I can keep my cool in pretty much any situation, but I was trembling. Oh, god. Is this it? Am I finally going to get my fantasy gang bang?

As the driver pulls up to the destination, J is standing on the sidewalk and comes around to open the door for me. I look at him and see a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“J, what is this?”

“I think you know,” he replies. “You up for it? If not, there’s plenty of good champagne and snacks to get us through the evening without playing.”

“Heck yeah, I’m up for it!” I respond enthusiastically.

We go inside and he pops a bottle of champagne and serves me a glass. We sit together quietly for a few minutes before he blindfolds me and leads me downstairs.

As he uncovers my eyes, I see seven women standing around me, each wearing a strap-on. I know a few of the them, including my best friend C (who I later find out was in charge of the casting for my gang bang). Their cocks are all different shapes and sizes, their bodies, too. As I take in the scene, I begin to feel hands all over my body. Fourteen hands caressing, squeezing, massaging, pinching, searching. The rest of the world fades away…

I will let my dear readers’ imagination run wild with the details of the evening, because even if I wanted to tell you all that happened that night, I can’t. I was transported out of my body into an ocean of flesh, of pleasure, of abandon.

As the evening winds down, we cuddle on plush couches reliving the scene. Eight women, 16 hands and miles upon miles of skin. Most of us had already participated in many orgies, but we all agree that this was different. I was the center of attention and they were all there to serve me.


My Invitation to a Gang Bang

Over time, I get to know Pamy a bit more and tell him I’m interested in participating one day. J comes home one evening and tells me he’s just gotten off the phone with Pamy, who was organizing an event a few days later. Not technically a gang bang, as there are several woman, but an evening where there will be A LOT more men than woman. (In French, it’s called “la pluralité masculine,” but I haven’t been able to find a suitable translation in English. Whatever, sounds sexier in French, anyways.)

Again, my curiosity gets the best of me and I accept. The night of, I put on some sexy lingerie and we head to the loft.

As the women are upstairs getting ready, I am with the boys downstairs sipping Perrier. In my purse is my dick, a thick and long cock that I have had the pleasure of fucking many, many people with over the years. Often at events, there are women that are there just to observe, so the men around me assume that I’m just going to watch.

Pamy gives a small speech, telling the gents to get down to their underwear and I do the same, sneaking around the corner to properly adjust my strap-on before stepping out amidst the 35 or 40 guys who are there to “ensure that the ladies are satisfied,” as Pamy says.

The Grand Entrance

I look up to the balcony, and see four beautiful women start coming down the stairs. Each one of them has a killer pair of shoes, great lingerie, and a small handbag with her private affairs. As they prance into the main room, the space comes alive. There are hands everywhere, bodies crashing into one another, the sensual, primal cries of women in ecstasy.

The women choose what they want, grabbing an ass or a cock and putting it wherever they want: their mouths, their asses, rubbing dicks on their breasts, on their faces. They grab men by the hair and shove faces into their pussies. These women are in total bliss, the men are simply breathing sex toys there to serve them. It is primal and it is beautiful.

At one point, one of the ladies points to my dick and says “I want to taste that one.” I happily oblige. She slips my cock into her mouth, then turns around and motions to me that she wants me to fuck her. I happily oblige. She tires of me after a few minutes, gently pushes me away, then grabs another object to fill her holes. I am in awe.

Throughout the evening, I see all the men taking breaks, but these women are insatiable! They can’t get enough, and Pamy said that we had to make sure that no women was left unsatisfied…

I do my part, fucking the two women that signaled that they wanted me. And that’s the key. They asked me, just like was the case for every person in the room. At no point did I see a man get pushy (aside from, ironically, the husband of one of the women who tried to touch my dick without asking: he got a sharp slap and a few nasty words for that one. I think he’ll remember Inanna.).

All of the men were respectful, generous with their bodies, they paid attention to the body language of the Goddesses that were using them and moved in and out of the space appropriately. The women were the Queens of the night, using the men as they pleased to fulfill their most primal desires.

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A feminist Vision of Gang Bangs

The most feminist thing a woman can do is to take charge of her sexuality, even when it falls outside of the norms. Female domination is just that, right?

In a gang bang, the woman uses men for her pleasure. It’s her body and her sexuality that are in the spotlight. She doesn’t ask, she takes. She is the center of attention, the men are there to serve her. See any parallels?

Are gang bangs feminist? I think that the argument can certainly be made for the case. If I didn’t believe so, I would never have participated. And I certainly wouldn’t have accepted that invitation to go to another one as soon as possible.

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