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For a first meeting, there is a deposit to be paid to reserve a session. 

Before a first session, I require that we have a short video call to ensure that there is good chemistry. This is an essential step in order to define our objectives before playing together. This video call is done after paying the deposit (which is deducted from the session price). While there is no fee to have this call, gifts are always welcome. 

If you’d like to chat without having a session, I offer paid “social time.” This is a good option for those that are unsure if having a session with a Dominatrix. 

I host in the 20e arrondissement of Paris, in my private 40m2 dungeon. 

I don’t accept same-day appointments with a new person. My sessions are all tailor-made and this requires time and energy to organise so that you can have an unforgettable experience.

The tribute is not-negotiable. 

Upon arrival, the tribute should be given without me having to ask.

In order to fully take advantage of our time together, you should be showered, prepare yourself correctly, smell good, and have good breath. 

Be respectful and behave yourself like a gentle(wo)man. Your kindness, generosity, and courtesy are appreciated.

Do not go over the time that we specified for the end of our session. If you would like to stay longer, ask if I’m available and be prepared to provide an additional tribute. 

I have a short questionnaire to better understand your research. Don’t hesitate to develop your responses, so long as they are polite and respectful.

Questions are welcome but don’t abuse the privilege. 

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Only used in case of emergencies. I will not call/text unless we organize in advance.
Please enter a number from 18 to 99.
Please note that I appreciate playing with everyone from the total beginner to those that have decades of experience.
Which of the following practices to you accept?(Required)

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