My Preferred Session Times

My Preferred Session Times

I was speaking to a client recently about my personal preferences when it comes to session length and thought I’d share with you about what I like and why. This is to help guide you when deciding how long you should consider for your booking, be it the first time or the fortieth time that we see each other. 

There are pros and cons to all session times. Here’s a quick overview based on my experience. 

Please note: for a first session, I limit to three hours. This gives us more than enough time to get to know each other, but if the contact isn’t that great despite our email/video call exchanges, we’re not stuck in the same room together for too long. 


BDSM session times

For Beginners

I usually recommend 1 1/2 to 2 hours if you are just getting started in BDSM or this is one of your first times seeing a Professional Dominatrix. Any less than 90 minutes and we really don’t have the time to get into a good rhythm and explore a few different practices. More than two hours for a first experience can be a bit overwhelming. What we do is intense and can be tiring emotionally and physically. While I will certainly be doing most of the work, I find that debutants start to wind down after about two hours and are less able to fully enjoy the experience. The exception for this is if we have planned to do a lot of bondage, but I’ll detail that below.

More Experienced Players

Anything less than two hours is a bit quick. If you’ve had the opportunity to session regularly and you want to get into the real fun, two to three hours is ideal. We don’t have to rush, we can explore a number of things, and take the time to get you into subspace and have time to breathe, warm up, and wind down properly.

As most of you know, I love role play, and many of my regulars request that I concoct scenarios for play time. Like a good theatre performance, it takes a while to set the scene, for the actors to get into their roles, and for the story to start unfolding. The same is true with a role play scenario. Having the time to build up for the grand finale is essential for us to fully enjoy the spectacle.

Heavy Bondage Sessions

Bondage and sensory deprivation sessions are best when they’re long and slow. Minimum three hours. If you are someone that is looking to let go through bondage, it’s going to take some time.

Overnight Sessions

For long sessions, we need to have an established relationship. I would never consider having someone that I’ve only seen one or two times for an overnight. I need to know that you’re capable of dealing with my caprices for 12, 16 or 24 hours, and that can be a real challenge! While many submissives dream of serving me day and night, the reality is that it’s much less glamorous than you might imagine! These sessions are generally best suited to service subs who want a more intimate look in to my life and how they can better cater to my needs in the long term.

Short sessionsI veer away from one-hour sessions unless it’s strictly a fetishism session or you come to see me very regularly. You barely have time to get dried off after your shower before it’s time to start winding down! I’ve considered no longer offering one-hour sessions, but haven’t officially made the move.

Final note

These are just guidelines. When you apply to serve, we will discuss the specifics of your request and I will advise accordingly. Know that if I tell you that your desires and time that you can afford (either financially or time-wise) are not coherent, it’s not because I’m trying to discourage you. On the contrary, in fact. I take many things into consideration when I tell you “I suggest X hours.” It’s not because I am trying to milk you for another hour, or, on the contrary, trying to limit the time we spend together. It’s simply based on my years of experience as a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. Sometimes what you fantasize about is not necessarily adapted to the time that we have together. As a Pro Domme, it’s my job to give you my informed opinion about how we can best make use of our session time.

preferred session times

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Inanna Justice, Dominatrix in Paris

Inanna Justice, Dominatrice à Paris

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