Medical roleplay


Role-playing games in a medical environment are among those I like the most.
I welcome you to my place as a nurse, doctor, psychologist or sexologist.


Masochists, let yourself be penetrated by my needles, urethral catheters, or even something else. Cold and metallic, our moment will mark you, perhaps even in the literal sense of the word.

Nappy fetishists, ABDL game enthusiasts, regain confidence in the public hospital service and abandon yourself in these soft layers.

I also offer sexology sessions. I will question you about your sexual history and your deviances, your desires and fantasies, as well as your sexual activity. I will prescribe you a treatment that will correct your attitude and make you the perfect submissive.

Needless to say, all these services remain within the framework of BDSM games. I have no real medical training.