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Bienvenue sur mon blog ou je partage mes pensées sur le BDSM. Je parle beaucoup de la sécurité, l’échange émotionnelle entre Dominatrice
et soumis et mes astuces pour un bon déroulement des séances. Je ne rentre pas dans les détails de mes séances ni de mes pratiques car je préfère garder cela entre moi et mes soumis. Vous pouvez lire leurs témoignages ici.

Je vous invite de partager mes articles sur les réseaux sociaux et avec vos proches.

Bonne lecture.

Inanna Justice

How to Find a Lifestyle Dominatrix

How to Find the (Lifestyle) Domme of Your Dreams  What does “lifestyle” Domme mean?  A lifestyle Domme is someone that engages in BDSM play without

DIY Aftercare for Tops and Bottoms

DIY Aftercare for Tops and Bottoms After an intense session, sometimes we need some good aftercare, but maybe your partner isn’t available for one reason

How to Party Like a Kinkster

How to Party Like a (Good) Kinkster  Thinking of going to your first (or second or hundredth) play party? Here’s a quick guide to how

joie de la domination

The Joy of Professional Domination

This was written as the forward to Hearts and Flowers, Whips and Chains edited by Jay Willowbay. Get your copy here. The Joy of Professional Domination When

donjon france louer

Dungeon Rental in France (and some tips)

Dungeon Rental in France (and some tips) People often inquire if I rent out my beautiful Justice Room, but at this point, that’s not something

New Year, New Games

New Year, New Games It’s the end of the year and the time for me to set my intentions on what I want in 2023.

Article on Licking Non-Vanilla

Article on Licking Non-Vanilla A new article was just posted on Learn a little more about my background and how my book The Heart

Interview with Podophelus

I was recently interviewed by Podophelus about my book, The Heart of the Dominatrix. As always, Pod has great questions. You can read the full

collar bdsm

Collars and collaring

Written in collaboration with Podopheleus. Be sure to check out his website for more articles on FemDom, being a submissive male, mental health, and much

Inannapoly: My BDSM Board Game

Inannapoly: My BDSM Board Game Some of you might have seen on social media that I created a board game called Inannaopoly.  For the moment,

Why Seeing a Dominatrix is So Costly

Why Seeing a Dominatrix is So Costly If you’re interested in seeing a professional Dominatrix, you may ask yourself why we charge such high hourly

Interview with Podopheleus

Interview with Podopheleus For those of you that know me, you are certainly aware that I love role play. I was recently interviewed by Podopheleus.

Getting Started in BDSM: Essential Toys

Getting Started in BDSM: essential toys Are you just starting out in the marvellous world of BDSM and overwhelmed by all of the intricate toys

How to Avoid Scams

How to Avoid Scams We often talk about client screening, but I think it’s important that clients also screen Dommes to help avoid getting scammed.

La note de remerciement

La note de remerciement La plupart d’entre vous fantasment pendant des semaines, voire des mois, qui précèdent une séance BDSM. Nous échangeons des mails, nous

Chastity basics

Chastity basics This article is focused on male chastity as I have no personal experience with keeping a cis-female submissive in chastity. I will use

My Cancellation Policy

My Cancellation Policy I often joke that seeing a professional Domme is hazardous: it leads to Grandma going to the hospital, an uncle dying, transportation

My Preferred Session Times

My Preferred Session Times I was speaking to a client recently about my personal preferences when it comes to session length and thought I’d share

BDSM Program for Beginners

BDSM Program for Beginners As you might already know, I love introducing people to BDSM. We always remember our first times: the first time we

A Note to Clients

A note to clients When I speak with my vanilla friends about my work as a professional Dominatrix, they often assume that the people that

Pegging: take it like a man

What is pegging? The term was first used by the popular sex advice columnist Dan Savage in 2001 to describe when a cis-gendered female penetrates

Even Dommes Do Laundry: Common Myths

Even Dommes Do Laundry: Common Myths There are some major misconceptions about what being a professional Dominatrix means. People seem to think that I live

My Favorite Clients

My Favorite Clients Submissives regularly comment on the photographs that I post on Twitter saying things like “Lucky guy,” or “I would do anything to

Common s-types in BDSM

Common S-Types in BDSM In BDSM relationships, the dominant person (or top) is the one that takes the power, authority, or control. This authority is

Getting Kinky with Household Objects 

In collaboration with Check out their website for info on FemDom, kink, and BDSM.  Getting Kinky with Household Objects  Often when I’m speaking to people

No Limits Submissives

No Limits Submissives Often when I receive candidature questionnaires, the person states that they have “no limits” in BDSM scenes. I find this quite disturbing

Mind Orgasms

Mind Orgasms Let’s be candid: people come to me to please their sexual desires. Generally speaking, that means that they want to have a physical

Subspace, Subdrop and Aftercare

Subspace, Subdrop, and Aftercare If you have already taken part in BDSM scenes, you may have experienced subspace. It can take various forms but is often

Honesty in Your Candidature Email

Honesty in Your Candidature Email I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday who was disappointed because he got a negative response from a

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