Trains, planes and automobiles: sex on the go

SEX on the go

Trains, planes and automobiles: sex on the go

I’m currently riding in the back seat of a small van filled with a few kinky friends, taking a much-needed quick trip out of Paris after our second lockdown. The demographics of our small group are as follows: two sex workers, two erotic photographers, four of us are bi- or pan-sexual, most of us are polyamorous, and all of us are active in the “sexually enlightened” community in Paris, leaders of various associations or events, working to promote healthier and safer sex for all.

Needless to say, the conversation is about sex, sex and more sex. Ok, there are a few variations on the theme: we also discuss sexual orientation, BDSM, policies and politics that affect us as sexually liberated individuals.. Yeah, when I’m with my close friends, we talk about sex a lot!

This isn’t my first time traveling with some of them, and stories of prior road trips together start coming out. My friend Daniel tells the story of one trip we took together a few years ago where, not even fifteen minutes after leaving Paris, I already had pulled a couple of sex toys out of my bag and started using them on myself and our lovely travel companion.

I recall another time with Daniel where we decide that it would be fun for the ladies in the car to flash the truck drivers along the way to a weekend of BDSM fun (yeah, we know how to pre funk). I don’t recall how many truckers we showed our tits to, but we certainly got a lot of smiles and honks of appreciation.

Ines tells the story of when she and Sofiane were flying to Italy and he starts fingering her in the cabin, using the menu to cover his hands as they slip under her dress. Apparently an airline steward came by and asked them what they wanted to order. I can just imagine sweet Ines blushing when getting caught, and the wickedly sexy Sofiane continuing to pleasure her despite her sweet (but insincere) pleas to stop.

While traveling to Japan, Patrice’s girlfriend unexpectedly went down on him while he was playing with his camera, making last minute adjustments to his settings before landing. He said that he was so taken aback that he allowed her to continue for a few moments before realizing that there could be serious repercussions.

Of course, I have lots of stories of my own. The time an intercity train stopped to throw me and my lover off between stops because I was giving them head (the wagon was empty, we were surely caught on video). Another train trip when a kinky young man offered me a coffee and we finished in the bathroom. I got hot and heavy with a beautiful brunette on a boat. I’ve masturbated on an airplane countless times and who knows how often I’ve gotten down and dirty on the highway…

So why is it that we’re so drawn to sex-on-the-go? Is it due to our busy lifestyles, that we so rarely slow down that sex in vehicles is so popular? Is it because many of us like the possibility of getting caught? Is it the movement of the vehicle that vibrates our most intimate parts and gets us riled up? Who knows, but don’t be surprised if one day you’re on a plane and you see me coming out of the bathroom with my hair a bit messy, my eyes twinkling, and a little smile tugging on the corners of my mouth.

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