Trains, planes and automobiles: sex on the go

SEX on the go

Trains, planes and automobiles: sex on the go

I’m currently riding in the back seat of a small van filled with a few kinky friends, taking a much-needed quick trip out of Paris after our second lockdown. The demographics of our small group are as follows: two sex workers, two erotic photographers, four of us are bi- or pan-sexual, most of us are polyamorous, and all of us are active in the “sexually enlightened” community in Paris, leaders of various associations or events, working to promote healthier and safer sex for all.

Needless to say, the conversation is about sex, sex and more sex. Ok, there are a few variations on the theme: we also discuss sexual orientation, BDSM, policies and politics that affect us as sexually liberated individuals.. Yeah, when I’m with my close friends, we talk about sex a lot!

This isn’t my first time traveling with some of them, and stories of prior road trips together start coming out. My friend Daniel tells the story of one trip we took together a few years ago where, not even fifteen minutes after leaving Paris, I already had pulled a couple of sex toys out of my bag and started using them on myself and our lovely travel companion.

I recall another time with Daniel where we decide that it would be fun for the ladies in the car to flash the truck drivers along the way to a weekend of BDSM fun (yeah, we know how to pre funk). I don’t recall how many truckers we showed our tits to, but we certainly got a lot of smiles and honks of appreciation.

Ines tells the story of when she and Sofiane were flying to Italy and he starts fingering her in the cabin, using the menu to cover his hands as they slip under her dress. Apparently an airline steward came by and asked them what they wanted to order. I can just imagine sweet Ines blushing when getting caught, and the wickedly sexy Sofiane continuing to pleasure her despite her sweet (but insincere) pleas to stop.

While traveling to Japan, Patrice’s girlfriend unexpectedly went down on him while he was playing with his camera, making last minute adjustments to his settings before landing. He said that he was so taken aback that he allowed her to continue for a few moments before realizing that there could be serious repercussions.

Of course, I have lots of stories of my own. The time an intercity train stopped to throw me and my lover off between stops because I was giving them head (the wagon was empty, we were surely caught on video). Another train trip when a kinky young man offered me a coffee and we finished in the bathroom. I got hot and heavy with a beautiful brunette on a boat. I’ve masturbated on an airplane countless times and who knows how often I’ve gotten down and dirty on the highway…

So why is it that we’re so drawn to sex-on-the-go? Is it due to our busy lifestyles, that we so rarely slow down that sex in vehicles is so popular? Is it because many of us like the possibility of getting caught? Is it the movement of the vehicle that vibrates our most intimate parts and gets us riled up? Who knows, but don’t be surprised if one day you’re on a plane and you see me coming out of the bathroom with my hair a bit messy, my eyes twinkling, and a little smile tugging on the corners of my mouth.

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Fantasies vs reality in BDSM scenes

Fantasmes vs. la réalité dans les séances BDSM

Fantasies are often quite different than reality in BDSM sessions. Here’s a little tale about why you should be prepared if things don’t go down exactly as you fantasized (and that sometimes it’s better that way).

As you might know, I have a soft spot for newbies and love showing people the pleasures of this marvelous playground that is BDSM. Having a bit of experience in this domain, I understand that often times people’s expectations are much different than what actually happens in a BDSM scene.

When he contacted me, he told me that he absolutely wanted a taste of the single tail whip and English cane, two practices that can be quite intense, even for those who are more experienced in BDSM. If you have watched any FemDom videos, you likely know what the possible effects these can have on ones’ behind. Even with light caresses of a single tail, marks that last several days are very likely, particularly if you are not a seasoned player. The cane, well, usually causes beautiful bruising and welts. They are tools that are meant to be severe, and when used correctly (and on someone who is able to use them properly), they are fabulous instruments. But IMHO, they’re not suitable for most beginners.

The single tail isn’t necessarily suited for everyone.

I decided that I would indeed do some impact play, but I start soft, very soft. I give some light spankings while he’s still wearing his boxers. After a few minutes when I start feeling his body warm up, I command him to remove his underwear and continue with bare-hand spankings. His butt starts to get red, warmer to the touch, and I grab a paddle. The one I choose is of soft suede to get him used to an implement before moving forward. I find that there’s a big difference psychologically between bare hands or implements on people, so again, I want to ease him into it slowly.

I move on to a pair of suede floggers, alternating between letting the falls gently glide over his back and firmer strokes on the fleshy part of his butt. I then select a heavier flogger that has a bigger “thud” factor (as opposed to “sting” factor). I give him a few good whacks, again testing his body and warming his flesh for what’s to come.

I grab a leather riding crop and work my way around his body, testing his resistance to the new tool. I slap him lightly on the legs, arms, and torso, then harder and harder where I plan on landing the tail of the whip later. He’s just not getting into it. I can see that he’s in pain, but not the kind of pain that I want to inflict. As someone with quite a bit of experience with different types of clients, I’m pretty good at reading bodies, and this one is not getting the enjoyment out of it that he expected. If he’s having a hard time with these toys, he’s REALLY not going to like the bite of a whip.

Fantasies reality Mistress
Not everyone is ready for this. Do you dare?

I explain that he’s not ready for the cane or the single tail, but that I have some other things in mind for him. I unfasten him from where he’s attached and put him on the floor. I won’t spend the time to detail the end of our session, but I adapted to what I felt was more appropriate.

After our session, I invite him to stay for a drink to debrief. I ask him what his initial thoughts are. Not surprisingly, he tells me that he didn’t enjoy the impact play. His favorite part? When I decided what we would do based on how I read his body during our first bit of time together.

When you contact a pro Mistress, we love hearing your ideas, whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced player. I take inspiration from what turns you on, but sometimes it’s just not reasonable. I’ve said it elsewhere on my website, but it bears repeating: I lead the dance. I take your fantasies and desires and tweak them so that both of us enjoy our time together. Take solace in the knowledge that I truly want you to have an amazing experience, but that sometimes the program du jour isn’t at all what you were expecting it to be.

*I’m pleased to report that this sub has since tasted both the single tail and the cane. The second time he came for a session, he was much more relaxed, knowing that he could trust that I was looking out for his best interests. He was able to let go and get into that magical subspace where the endorphins and adrenaline drown out the “bad”’ pain.

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The greatest orgasms

The greatest orgasms

Let’s be candid: people come to me to please their sexual desires. Generally speaking, that means that they want to have a physical orgasm during our time together. While “traditional” sexual services are not part of my practices, there is often sexual stimulation during sessions. This often includes JOI (jerk off instructions aka ‘forced’ masturbation) and/or CEI (cum eating instructions). This allows us to maintain the D/s dynamic while satisfying the sexual “need” of my partner to cum. I have absolutely no problem with this (and truly love watching you swallow your own spunk), but I think that there is another type of orgasm that is often overlooked: the one that happens between the ears.

greatest orgasms

Sexual satisfaction is not at all about orgasms, it’s about letting go and having a connection with your partner. BDSM sessions are a perfect example of this, even if your only coming to spend a couple of hours with a Pro Domme. A certain amount of trust has already been established between the two of you (assuming you have followed my previous advice on booking and that she has accepted to see you) and you have discussed your expectations of a session including what you would like to explore. That’s already much better communication than in many “vanilla” relationships. It’s through this that you can really let go and possibly reach that magical subspace.

Recently I’ve been pleased to get more and more candidature emails that specifically state that the person does not expect to orgasm during our session, that their pleasure comes strictly from other sources. That could include service, pain play, fetishism, or role play. These tend to be my favorite clients: the ones that understand that what we do in session is much more profound than a simple orgasm. It’s through specific practices that they achieve something much more fulfilling than what happens between their legs.

greatest orgasms bdsm

Going into a session without an expectation of having an orgasm can also help take some of the pressure off, especially if you’re new to BDSM. Let’s not lie to ourselves. There is an incredible amount of pressure regarding sexual performance, especially for men. With a pro Domme, that’s not something you need to worry about. We could care less if you cum, or even if you get hard or wet. What we want is that you have an mind-blowing orgasm that you will remember for a long time to come, and in my opinion, the best ones are in the head and not in the loins.

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The thrill of kidnappings


The thrill of kidnappings

What is it about kidnappings that is so exciting? Why are so many people drawn to the idea of being thrown into the trunk of a car, gagged and blindfolded then hauled off to a secret location to be tortured?

thrill of kidnappings

Part of what makes BDSM scenes so exciting is the unknown. While I ask for certain information prior to organizing a session (be it a kidnapping scene or otherwise), you are essentially giving me complete control of your safety and security for a certain amount of time. Abductions take it to the next level. While you may be aware of what day or week I’m going to nab you, you have little or no other information. Will I be alone or with other people? Where will we go? How long will the torture last? What if something goes wrong? Will I be safe or is my kidnapper truly a little crazy?

Another aspect of kidnapping fantasies is the adrenaline factor. It’s the same reason we go to scary movies, ride motorcycles, roller coasters, or willingly engage in any other number of things that make us jump. We look for this rush in any number of situations, and an abduction is the ultimate adrenaline-provoking experience.

thrill of kidnappings

As with other BDSM scenes, there is also the element of escapism in abduction fantasies. You lose control, it is your captor that makes all the decisions. There is something wonderfully freeing about giving someone else complete control of a situation. You don’t have to think, you just have to be a good boy or girl and follow orders. Isn’t that liberating?

Kidnapping fantasies are some of my favorite sessions to organize. It’s a bit like writing a play. There are so many details to consider, and I love playing out all the possible outcomes in my head long before the scene actually takes place. Like for many of you, for me, the anticipation of a session is sometimes nearly as good as the session itself. While they take much more organization and planning than a traditional BDSM scene, the thrill of seeing you writhe while in captivity makes it so worthwhile.

*As with all of my sessions, I follow strict rules regarding consent. Please read my blog entry on the subject.

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