Infinite practices and accessories are one thing… But above all, I love being very tactile with my submissives, and appreciate the intensity of simple things. Nevertheless, here is a non-exhaustive list of my practices.

For a first meeting, I do not host in a dungeon, but in a space well-suited for play.

Know that I am listening to your desires (and of course, your limits), but it is always me who leads the dance in session. I appreciate your ideas as long as they give me the flexibility to create what is best for both of us. In color are indicated my favorite practices among all those I like to perform.


Impact play:
Spanking, slaps, cane, whips…

Feet, legs, tights, socks, shoes, hair, sportswear…

Only for those who want to behave like a woman and adopt her gestures

Sensory deprivation:
Hearing deprivation, olfaction control, handsmothering…

Bondage and gags:
Mummification, forniphilia, spreader bar, leather straps, chains, ropes, sex sling, predicament bondage and gags of all kinds


Strap-on worship:
I love making you suck my dick…

Nipples and sex torture:
Clamps, wax, clothespins…

Hot and cold games:
Wax, ice cubes

Penetration play:
Sodomy, urethral catheters, needles…

Foot play:

Trampling, smothering, edging

Orgasm control / Tease and denial

golden shower, funnel gag

Anal dilation

And much more… we’re only limited by the imagination

My limits:
Hard sports, vomit play, any sexual act with me.