Kidnapping roleplay


A kidnapping in Paris… it is possible.

The possibilities can vary depending depending on your desires for this unique experience.
Below you will find several options, but nothing is set in stone. As always, I am open to discussion.

With a kidnapping, as with all of my sessions, our limits and preferences will always be taken into account to keep all players safe.


Before our meeting, you will receive an SMS from a third party with a piece of information that I do not know. On my end, I will be sent a sealed envelope containing the same information that you received by SMS.
I, along with one or more of my Domme friends, will kidnap you with the goal of forcing you to release this information. Torture and abuse (for you) and pleasure (for us), you will crack under the pressure. We are willing to bet on that.

You will walk through the streets of Paris. Before you realize what is happening, you will be masked and thrown into the back of a running car. We will take you to a space where we can administer whatever necessary to make you reveal this secret information.

In any case, your hands are tied…


Less people involved, my Dominatrice friends stay home, it is only you and me.
But beware, that does not mean that your treatment will be less intense… Far from that.

In this configuration, you come to me as if for a classic session. Then, once in my lair, I will take care of you.

This allows me to live one of my favorite fantasies: kidnapping someone in my own space, for the simple pleasure of doing as I wish with them… if you dare to try