“The roller coaster”


Dear Mistress,
I am sorry for the delay. However I would like to thank you for the session we had together.
From the first moment I laid my eyes on you, your class, your personality and your aura made me feel protected yet I felt like I was in a presence of a goddess. You made me feel at ease before the start of our session which I really appreciate. When we started, I felt hypnotized by your beauty and charisma. You acted in a very sensual a tactile way which I loved as you were teasing me. However I knew that I could never have you and my place is always to be at your command.

After some time at your feet, you restrained me to your table where you started using your flogger. I couldn’t move, at your mercy, powerless as you were taking control of my actions. You then started pegging me gently, making it go all the way in as I was slowly breathing and letting everything go. That’s when it happened…you started using that vibrator and my mind and body went through a roller coaster while I was losing myself to your beauty and discovering a new great sensation. You then made me suck on your strap-on climaxing whilst feeling completely at your mercy.
As I told you I had two previous quite disappointing sessions with other professional dominatrix but I can fairly say that unlike them, you succeeded in making me even more curious about BDSM and this session with gave me a great willingness to explore more about this world.
To finish, I just want to say two words: Thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover this world. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for being such a wonderful human being.
I am really eager for our next encounter and I am sure that it will be even greater than the first one.
With love, S